By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Dec 28, 2013 at 9:10 AM

When most people feel lost or low and they decide to reach out for help it is in the form of therapy. Often, they hire a therapist to talk about what is wrong in order to make things better.

This works for many people, but Milwaukee’s Sunni Boehme who has been a master life coach for 28 years, offers something different. She looks at what is right in a person’s life and helps them figure out how to live more of their hours doing what they love to do and have fun with people who support them.

Boehme offers an eight session package that people all over the world have found successful. She has also written two books, is working on a third and recently received her PhD.

Boehme’s story is one of transformation and resilience and seems particularly fitting for the start of a new year. When did you become a life coach? What kind of training did you have? 

Sunni Boehme: In 1983 I had completed my MS in Integrative Psychology but I didn't want to do traditional counseling. I wanted to uplift people and help them focus on their dreams and goals to get what they want. I had never heard of life coaching or that model of cognitive therapy. Then I had a car accident and everything about my life changed.

OMC: Wow, can you tell me more about the accident?

SB: I had a very successful career as a Mary Kay Director and had my pink car and consultants in three states. I was living in my dream house and winning dance contests and in perfect condition. Suddenly, I didn't want to do any of the things I had been doing for seven years. I was in pain and I felt like a totally different person. Life had changed and I was just drifting – literally.

In December of 1983, I had a terrible car accident and an out-of-body experience that catapult me into breaking out of my fears and doing something to get out of my "box of fear." I had been reading books about the Laws of Attraction like "Think and Grow Rich," "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" and my life was changing and I didn't fit into the old boxes.   

Then the car accident and when I came to the hospital all I wanted was to pack my bags and go to Europe. I was raised on a farm and had never been on a city bus in my entire life, or a train and only one plane with a group of other people I knew. So this was hugely scary.

OMC: So you went?

SB: Yes. I was living in London and had been traveling Europe for over a year and one day I said a prayer. "I want to know what I am meant to be doing in the world. I want to have a career that always keeps me interested and passionate about what I am doing. One that uses all of my best skills and intuition with people and that will help humanity and financially support me."   

Then I went out to lunch in London and I was sitting alone at a table and the people at the table next to me were talking about this life coaching program. I was just vibrating because it sounded so exciting and then I introduced myself and told them that I needed some help to find the new me. It was the Law of Attraction showing me exactly what was right for me.

I became a client with a program called Results Unlimited. After completing the eight sessions to find me, I told them this was the most powerful program I had ever experienced and asked if would they train me to be a coach.

I stayed in London for another year and trained as a coach full time. I have been a master life coach for 28 years and I still love every new client because it's a whole new project to help them find the best of their life. Then after a person transforms their own life some of them want to learn how to be a coach and help others and then I train them.  I only train four people each year.

OMC: What does a life coach do?   

SB: A life coach helps you find the best of yourself and the best ways to earn a living that will satisfy and reward you: What is contentment, peace and joy for you and what do you want in relationships and career? I will help you find the answers.

OMC: How much does it cost to hire you?  

SB: I do an introductory session for $20 for an hour. You will leave the session with some goals and directions in your life to help clear out your blocks to success.  After that I work on a sliding scale. Some clients can easily pay $300 per hour, but if people are unemployed or underemployed I find a way to work with them or set them up with one of the coaches who are in the training program.

OMC: Where do you live? Do you still travel a lot?  

SB: I have lived for the past 16 years in Bay View but I still travel the world and because of the Internet and Skype I have clients all over the world. Most people want to see me in person so I have clients who drive in or fly in from Arizona or California and I have many clients drive from Madison or Chicago.  

Last year, I had a client from the Hebrides Islands off the coast of Scotland.  Her husband had been a client of mine in England 20 years before and when his wife was experiencing multiple sclerosis and was really in the dumps he suggested that she call me to do some sessions.   

Everything in their life changed for the better each week in just eight sessions.  Her health and appearance changed. She started some nutritional counseling and found out her food allergies and then began swimming / mini trampoline / yoga to get her energy moving.  

Her career changed. She liked making purses out of the lovely tweeds in the British Isles but she had no outlet to sell them to earn money.  

I also helped her find fun and leisure. I encouraged them to get away for a weekend and take a trip off the island and they decided to go to Glasgow by ferry and train.

I suggested that she look in the stores for new ideas for purses and fabrics. It totally re-energized her to follow her passion and she found some great new fabrics.

On the way home they stopped at a little gift shop that had newly opened on her island. The woman noticed her lovely tweed handbag and complimented her and my client said that she had a business and handmade them. The shopkeeper immediately told her that she would sell as many as she could make and it has been a wonderful mutually abundant business for both of them. The law of attraction again.

Now that she was excited about her business success and they had more money flow she wanted to improve her workroom and nothing had been painted or changed in the house in years and it was dark and depressing so things got moved and every inch got painted and refreshed and renewed.  Her workroom got remodeled and refined for efficiency and she loves her business.

She got happier, her health got better, her business is thriving, her romance sure got better, they get out more now and have joined a church and love the people.

OMC: You are an author, too, right? What have you written?

SB: I wrote a book called "Mirror, Mirror" and "Diary of a Turkish Wedding." Both were published and are selling well. "Hope in Action" is a book I am currently writing about the eight coaching sessions and true stories of transformation.

OMC: Is there anything else about your life or career you would like to share?

SB: I just finished my PhD exams for Science of Mind and Interfaith Ministry so that I can teach and speak in churches all over the world.  My ministry is personal empowerment for every person I meet – in any way I can help.

Molly Snyder started writing and publishing her work at the age 10, when her community newspaper printed her poem, "The Unicorn.” Since then, she's expanded beyond the subject of mythical creatures and written in many different mediums but, nearest and dearest to her heart, thousands of articles for OnMilwaukee.

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