By Julie Lawrence Special to Published Feb 04, 2008 at 7:37 AM

The / WMSE Local Music Podcast braves the elements to bring you the best in locally-made music each and every week. And, in case you haven't noticed, we've moved. Look (and listen) for "This week in local music" every Monday, rather than Tuesday. Why not start the week out right?

The energetic six-piece known as Clementine has a new album in the works, and although it's not quite out yet, chances are you'll be privy to some fun new material when the band takes the stage at Stonefly Brewing Co. this Friday, Friends Fable & The World Flat, Innocent Civilians and JackRaasch fill out the bill.

Haunting, hushed and five years strong, Wooden Robot brings the moan of its musical saw to a big show at The Mad Planet this Saturday. The band opens for Mick Turner of the band Dirty 3 and Six Organs of Admittance.

Longacre, featuring Damian Strigens of Testa Rosa, plays at Points East Pub Friday night with Chris Demay and The Thrashers.

The Scarring Party is just brimming with excitement. Not only does the end-timey quartet (the band's genre label of choice) have a new full-length coming out soon, but it also has the pleasure of opening for famed singer / songwriter Daniel Johnston at the Turner Hall Ballroom this Thursday.

Johnston is known for picking local band to back him on tours and for his Milwaukee stop he's selected John Sieger and The Subcontinentals to play an opening set as well as join him on stage for his. Not to be missed, folks.

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