By Amy Christiansen Special to Published May 31, 2008 at 12:13 PM

Two years. That is how long Lydia has been looking for a permanent home. She has spent most of that time living at our adoption center in Southridge Mall.

But don't worry, she hasn't been confined to a cage that entire time. Lydia is classified as a "gold star," which means she is allowed to roam the adoption center during closed hours. The volunteers often find her curled up in a display case, lounging on the bottom of the television cart, or perched on top of a file cabinet observing the after hours happenings in the adoption center. And quite often she can be found chasing one of her favorite foam balls or finding one of her trusted humans to cuddle against!

Lydia was first brought to animal control as an unidentified stray in 2006. She was placed into foster care and adopted quickly once ready and available for adoption but a few months later, she was picked up again by animal control as a stray.

Identified this time by her microchip, attempts were made to locate her adoptive family but it appears that they moved and were unable to take her so simply left her behind rather than contacting the adoption center to coordinate return -- a service we offer to all our adopters at no charge for the lifetime of the pet.

The volunteers have grown quite attached to Lydia and have come to admire and enjoy her quirky personality, but we would love to see her placed in a forever home soon.

Please visit her at the adoption center during open hours. In addition to Lydia, we have lots of cats and many kittens currently available for adoption. Please visit for a full listing.

Update to previous blog: Remember Betty the St. Bernard? She has recovered from all required surgeries to repair the damage caused by extreme neglect and is now available for adoption. She will be available for viewing this Sunday at the Petsmart located at 74th Street and Edgerton Avenue from noon to 3 p.m. 

Amy Christiansen Special to

Amy Christiansen is the Executive Director of the Companion Animal Resource and Adoption Center (CARAC). CARAC is located in the upper level of Southridge Mall and is dedicated to saving the unclaimed strays from the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

Amy grew up on the South Side of Milwaukee and now lives in Muskego with her husband and son and their three cats and three dogs. She also takes in the occasional foster dog.