By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Feb 21, 2024 at 3:31 PM

The legendary, all-ages Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is a lively, indoor celebration of motorcycles, builders, riders, non-riders and future riders. This year, it runs Feb. 24-25 at the Eagles Ballroom, 2401 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Mama Tried is an affordable way to burn through an afternoon with the kids – without burning through a ton of cash. Tickets are 50 percent off for kids ages 6-12 and 100 percent free for tykes 5 and under. You should also head over to Flat Out Friday – Friday, Feb. 23 – and check out the live fun too! 

Tempted? Here are 6 more reasons to bring the whole damn fam to Mama Tried:

1. Kids dig wheels

In general, young folks are marveled by modes of transportation. It’s just a law of nature, like how all kids like drinking bathwater and cutting their own hair. Hence, Mama Tried is the Mecca of 2-wheeled vehicles with more than 100 different types to check out.

2. The ABC’s of Milwaukee culture

Motorcyles have been a part of Milwaukee culture for a century-plus and continue to gain momentum towards the future. Showing kids the important connection between motorcycles and Milwaukee is an easy prelude to raising a human who cares about history, community and connection. As well as sweet, sweet rides.

3. A lil’ taste of rebellion, coolness and excitement

Adults yammer at kids on the daily about avoiding danger – and it's our job to do so – but introducing kids to a world that's carefree and exhilarating is something different that they will most likely respond to. Sometimes the mantra is "safety second."

4. Positive role models

Mama Tried is an event filled with passionate people of all ages who love to share what they know. Meeting and interacting with people who are zealous about what they do is contagious and translates into whatever your little person is interested in. In short: If you do it, do it 110 percent.

5. Mucho mini-sized merch

Mama Tried vendors sell numerous T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, caps, patches and stickers for kids so souvenirs are definitely an option. 

6. It’s got what they need (and what you need)

Mama Tried sells youth-friendly drinks, snacks and has plenty of rest rooms. A hidden gift to parents is that the event is fairly loud and so you won’t hear the “I’m tired/hungry/bored/not feeling like the world revolves around me enough" whining as clearly. And if you do, just point in any direction and say, “Well will you look at that." It's an age-old distraction technique that has saved parents for generations. 

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