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In radio land, there are two dials we usually jump around when we search for a set of songs or a talk show to listen to. And the difference between the quality of the signal between AM and FM can vary depending on where you are located.

That’s one of the reasons why WZTI-AM 1290 Martini Radio will make the move to be heard on both AM and FM.

"I would get a dozen calls a week asking if we could get it (Martini Radio’s format of Rat Pack-era and contemporary tunes) on FM," Milwaukee Radio Alliance’s Vice President and General Manager Bill Hurwitz said on Friday.

"The signal will be on 100.3 by August."

The waves that carry the audio work differently on FM and AM areas of the spectrum and the engineered way the signals are modulated can affect what stations you can capture on your radio depending on how far away from the transmitter you are. The amount of power behind the signal is regulated by the FCC.

"We will have a simulcast, where basically the station ID would change to be AM 1290 and FM 100.3," Hurwitz said.

To accomplish this, the radio alliance needed to purchase the right to use the dead, lower-powered signal in the market, and then build the equipment (translator) to send out the signal on both bands.

"It will be great to listen to when you are in Milwaukee," Hurwitz said. "It is great to sit back and relax to."

In February, the Martini Radio format was launched, ending the African-American-centric "Talk of the Town" that was on the AM signal when the station was WMCS-AM 1290.

Last August, WZTI added Terry Love and Carol Vonn to the on-air team. For Vonn, known as CV as part of the morning team on WLDB-FM B93.3, the Martini Radio gig is her second daily on-air assignment.

"I'm very excited to join the lineup of the newest station in Milwaukee! I think the music is fun to listen to, and my goal is to make the mid-day show just as fun," Vonn said in August.

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