By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 09, 2021 at 1:31 PM

So here's an unusual sports update: I'm pretty sure the racing sausages kidnapped Bernie Brewer?

The Brewers today debuted the first chapter in a new video series called "Mascot Makeover" – brought to you by, who else, American Family Insurance – during which Bernie Brewer is just happily meandering around the empty stadium and preparing to snack on a pile of pizza and chips when the racing sausages and Barrel Man snatch up the team's most famous fan and literally throw him into the back of a van.

It even comes complete with an evil laugh from Barrel Man!

Barrel Man being villainous.X

So that seems ominous.

What's the deal? Does Bernie owe the sausages money? Are they plotting a coup, tired of playing second base to Bernie Brewer's title as the team's mascot and wanting to take over his famous slide-decorated dugout? Has the racing meat simply gone mean?

There's three more chapters to go in this epic saga, but I think I've already got a guess at what we're building to here – quite literally. It's possible we'll get a remodeled Bernie Brewer; it is called "Mascot Makeover" and this opening clip does spend a lot of time detailing Bernie's suboptimal dietary habits. What's more likely, however, is that American Family Field will have a new Bernie's Dugout – or more like a return since "Bernie's Chalet" is coming back (at least in name only) according to some photos taken from inside the newly named, soon-to-be-25%-filled stadium, revealing an AmFam-branded version of the old chalet, still unfortunately minus the mug. 

An AmFam-sponsored video series highlighting a newly AmFam-sponsored ballpark feature? Makes too much sense – especially when you add in the "building" pun at the end of the first chapter. Plus, if you're the company behind a divisive name change, I imagine a way to court goodwill with fans is bringing back a retro, if modernized, classic element. The only question is if a spiffy new Bernie Brewer will go with it. (I doubt it; how much thinner or buff do you want a mascot? You don't want to start wandering into creepy Purdue Pete territory.) 

Stay tuned to the Brewers' Twitter feed or the team's website for the additional installments – and most importantly, stay tuned for the start of baseball back on the field and in front of fans on April 1

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