By Jeremy Glass Special to Published Jul 16, 2014 at 9:16 AM

For the past few weeks, has been getting loads of weird press over a new service that’s offering to set you up with another person who resembles your ex-significant other. The $5,000 service has been marketed as the "supremely weird" way for someone to hold onto their past and essentially find a clone of the one who got away.

So far, the "date a resemblance of your ex" angle has resulted in a PR expolsion for the bespoke dating company, Three Day Rule, who partnered with Match to provide the service.

So this week we caught up with the professional matchmakers and were able to clear up some of the misconceptions.

It started like this: and Three Day Rule struck up a partnership to offer a highly-curated dating service that can, in fact, find you a person who looks like your ex.

By use of cutting-edge facial recognition technology, the service looks at the people you’ve previously dated, and searches for your type -- rather than a specific person. With a pool of more than 15,000 people, filters are put in place to try and find the type of person whose looks you’ve historically been compatible with.

In other words, people you’ve thought were hot.

But the company's more than just skin-deep. Not only are the potential dates interviewed by professional matchmakers, their personalities are analyzed in order to find that perfect combination of face and brains. Indeed, there’s far more to the service than a wild hunt for your ex’s doppelgänger.

This part applies to matchmakers seeking people in real life, outside of the existing dating pool/database:

"Matchmakers are also constantly attending events and meeting new people for their clients," Three Day Rule's spokesperson, Erin Janzer says. "If you like comic book guys, they'll head to Comic Con. If you like fitness buffs, they'll be looking for someone at the gym."

At this point, few other dating services are using this type of technology and man/woman-power, so the price tag is, well, what it is: $3,500 for three months, or $5,000 for six. (Hey, we’re all aware of the frustration of leafing through hundreds of Tinder matches.)

To boot: if you’re not having any luck matching up on your own, Three Day Rule also has professional photographers, stylists, and coaches who will make you look as good as you feel.

Finding love in 2014 knows no price tag, no shame.

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