By Seth McClung Special to Published Oct 10, 2011 at 11:29 PM Photography: Andy Tarnoff

It was not a great night for the Brew Crew. Not much more you can say. The Brewers must be saving up for Chris Carpenter on Wednesday. No aspect other than Ryan Braun still hitting along with Rickie and Prince hitting a home runs were positive for the Crew.

Shake, Shake, Shake ...

It's becoming very apparent to me that Lucroy and Marcum do not mesh. From what I can see the two are not on the same page on calling pitches. It seems to me that Marcum shakes off Lucroy's fingers a lot during the game. I also see that Lucroy is calling for fastballs in fastball counts making the pitchers shake to an off-speed pitch. This gives the hitter a kind of a heads up that a breaking ball is coming or at least something off-speed. It takes away the element of surprise, and for a guy like Marcum, you need all the surprising you can get.

As a pitcher you want to not have to shake anyone off but be in sync with the catcher. Jason Kendall was the best at this; I shook him off maybe 10 times the whole time we played together. I am not the only pitcher who says this about Jason. If you want Marcum and Wolf to succeed you may want to call old Mike Rivera up and let him catch them. There is something to be said about experience.

Put him on

Something to think about: why are we pitching to Mr. Albert Pujols? Let's just walk him. Do not try to pitch to him ever. Bases open, bases loaded ... never. Walk him make some one else beat you. Take him out of the game.

Looking ahead

Game three will be huge, the two aces will be going at it and the winner of this game will take control of the series. If the Brewers win, I would start Wolf or Narveson game four. If they lose I would start Greinke game four. Bottom line, this is a MUST win for the Brewers in game three. With the win it sets them up to stay ahead in the win column. If they do not, I do not like the Brewers chances of playing catch up.

For those of you watching on TV, anyone else getting tired of hearing "Written In The Stars" by Tinie Tempah? Seriously, TBS. Pick another song to play! I mean I like the song, it was my walk-out song this year, but goodness you play it every commercial break. It is not even a new song!

Also on TV, it is weird hearing Brewers regular season TV announcer Brian Anderson being neutral. You know he is rooting for the Brewers but can't show it like he does during the year. B.A. is a great guy. I enjoyed getting to know him during my time in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is lucky to have him.

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