By Seth McClung Special to Published Oct 14, 2011 at 6:47 AM

Some of you all may have noticed I didn't write a blog after Game 3. I had one mapped out but I was pretty discouraged about the outcome. Even though I am two seasons removed from being a Milwaukee Brewer, the feelings are still there. I really felt they let one get away Wednesday. Today, however, they sucked it up, came from behind and held on. This was a must-win for the Brewers and forces the series to go back to Miller Park.

The Cards cried Wolf: I must say, that was a very gutsy performance by Randy Wolf. Randy had his curveball working and used it early to get ahead. This was not the same Randy Wolf who got it handed to him against the Diamondbacks. He gave up a cheap home run to Holliday but Craig did get him. Other than the homer to Craig, he pitched a great game, keeping the Brewers alive.

Gold chest: Princes smothering of Jerry Hariston Jr.'s throw from third in the bottom of the eighth was the biggest defensive play of the game. Had Fielder not sold it, we may be talking about a different outcome. If MLB had instant replay, I am not sure it would have held up.

Still hitting: Prince and Braun and still getting great swings and making solid contact. Can you give a dual MVP?

The Brewers' bullpen: K-Rod makes it interesting but gets it done. You almost have a heart attack with that guy every night but he always seems to get it done. John Axford did a perfect job going out and getting the save. What I did notice is that his curveball was a little loopy tonight. This could be because of the line drive he took off his throwing arm earlier in the series and is something to watch.

You cannot say enough about Hairston's game: Jerry is doing a wonderful job playing third. He hitting and fielding has been so solid makes you want to think about who is going to play there next year.

Hart beat: I would have liked to see Corey Hart in the starting lineup. I feel he is a bat that, if he gets going, will make the Brewers almost unbeatable. He or Rickie Weeks will be the key to the future success of the Brewers.

With the series tied, 2-2, the NLCS looks like it will continue to be a nail biter. I picked the Brewers in six, so for that to be true I look for a big win tomorrow.

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