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Phillies- Cardinals:

Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt. That's really what it is all about. I admire the Cards' run at the National League Wild Card but I think they are running into the buzz saw that is known as the Phillies. This was evident after the Cards jumped out over Doc Halladay for three runs in yesterdays first inning of game one and ended up losing giving up 11 total runs. I think the Phillies will win tonight and send the Cards to the golf course after game three.


This is a series that is completely up in the air. I feel that Tigers and Yankees are very evenly matched. Lots of power, lots of superstars. The Yankees pitching scares me. I feel that if they can get the ball to Sabathia every third day (see: Brewers, 2008) they are going to be in good shape. The problem is they are going to have solid bullpen play. They must have two guys step up so they can have the bridge to the all time saves leader Mr. Rivera. The Tigers have solid pitching staff and solid hitters. I feel that they will play good baseball and keep the series close. Its going to come down to if the aging stars of the Yankees are healthy. I feel the Yankees will pull this one out 3-2 all though of all four series this is the one I am the least confident in.


I have noticed that the umpire play in the game ones all across the board behind the plate has had a extremely tight strike zone. I feel this is may be because the pitching in this year's playoffs are very good and the powers that be might want a more exciting (read: more runs) game. Or I could be a pitcher begging for calls. On another note, Kerwin Danley blowing the foul ball call in the fourth inning in the Rays and Rangers game had huge implications on the finial outcome of the game. After James Shields got Murphy to miss hit a ball and what would have been a huge out possibly and most likely ending the Rangers' run, Danley made a huge mistake. Now, I am not faulting him for making a mistake, that happens all the time from players, managers and umpires but what was messed up was him then squeezing Shields. He could have atoned for his mistake had he simply run Murphy up; instead he missed his opportunity to erase the huge impact he made on the game. I also feel that there are a few umpires who are on these playoff rosters that should not be. I do not consider my career is over so I will not get to deep in to this subject but I do feel that a better system for umpires to get in to the post season is needed.

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