By Devon Hanley, OnMilwaukee Contributor   Published Oct 13, 2018 at 4:00 PM

The new Save Milwaukee escape room has us full of questions. To begin, not only are you "escaping" a room, groups are tasked with solving a mission in an interactive, art gallery.

The new escape room is at 1220 E. Brady Street and can be recognized by its "Caspian P. McSnooty's Gallery of Fine Art" storefront.

Your team has 60 minutes to gather evidence to prove that thieves have been posted up at the gallery and using it as a front in order to steal people's credit card information as they walk by on Brady.

Carolynn, Matt, Rachel and I had the chance to try it out yesterday. It's safe to say that we probably weren't Shlomo's, founder of Save Milwaukee, most successful group. 

If you want to see us try and, mostly, fail at our mission over at the new McSnooty's escape room, check out the Facebook live below.

To make a reservation or to find out more, head to