By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published Sep 26, 2013 at 4:34 PM

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I am watching with great interest the battle between two venerable tribes in the state. This is not a battle over hunting rights. This is a battle about money. Cold, hard, cash and lots of it. I mean lots of it.

After years of trying, the Menominee Indian Tribe, one of the largest in Wisconsin, has gotten approval from the federal government to build a casino in Kenosha, where that dead dog track is located.

Needless to say that decision did not please the Potawatomi tribe.

My God, a casino just 40 miles away will absolutely ruin the millions of dollars in the coffers in Milwaukee.

Nonsense, said the federal government, which spent years examining the issue. But the feds made one bad mistake.

They said the casino could be built but only if Gov. Scott Walker approved. And Walker punted.

He said the other tribes that had casinos in the state (12 of them) would have to approve it before he would grant his approval.

Todd Robert Murphy, the sharp-tongued columnist for the Waukesha Freeman, said that was like asking Wendy’s and Burger King if McDonald’s could open a store across the street.

I almost never agree with the Republican Murphy, but in this case we are on the same side.

First of all, I like the idea of having a casino in Kenosha. The Potawatomi have had a monopoly on gambling in this area for too long.

But they have also spent years contributing to politics, including our governor. And they are going all-out, complete with a big campaign to stop this from going forward.

The only thing I don’t like about this is our beloved governor who is dancing with the idea of running for president.

Fat chance. Just what we need. A president who can’t even make a simple decision on a casino. What would happen, for God’s sake, if he had to make a decision about something important?

Dave Begel Contributing Writer

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