By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Oct 07, 2015 at 8:06 AM

Scary? No. Fun? Yes.

When Disney Junior put together "Mickey’s Monster Musical" together for the Disney Channel, there was a pretty obvious, large unwritten rule that nothing should be actually horrific about it. However, for Halloween, Disney loves to dress up and offer something a bit spooky.

If Mickey, Minnie and Pluto off on a picnic and having to walk to a dark house because the Toonmobile broke down seems scary, then this new DVD offering in time for the Halloween season isn’t for your family.

But that’s the only thing close to frightening in the film. The show follows the same format of "Mickey’s Club House," with a problem to solve and asking the audience for help with calling out which tools to use. Instead of Minnie’s "Doodles" computer helper, we have a special monster "Boodles" that tries to scare someone new every time she’s called.

The friendly "Count Mickula" greets our wayward guests and in the meantime solicits help in finding who is making mystery banging noises in the house. There’s a monster Goofy, as well as a ghostly Donald and Daisy to meet along the way,

The car gets and upgrade, Minnie and Mickey make new friends, and we all get to do the monster boogie before it is all over.

The DVD also features two other episodes of "Mickey’s Club House." There’s the "Pirate Adventure," featuring treasure to be found, as well as more singing and dancing in "Mickey’s Farm Fun-Fair."

Altogether, it is just under two hours of excitement and fun for the littlest members of the family. And, like most Disney DVDs, this one features the Fast Play, where if the child knows how to set the player, the movie will play automatically just after the previews.

More likely than not, the children probably know how the DVD player works better then the adults in the household. 

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