By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 30, 2018 at 6:36 PM

I've always been a Miller drinker – partly because I'm a born and raised Milwaukeean and partly because my last name is literally pronounced "Miller."

But today we put that to the test. 

This afternoon, we received a visit from Jason Pratt, a master cicerone from Chicago. For those who don't know, a cicerone is like a wine sommelier but for beer. Pretty great job, we can all agree – even with the years of testing and studying that went into his prestigious title.

But it was my tastebuds we were interested in putting to the test Thursday afternoon as a part of #KnowYourBeer, a Miller-created initiative that hides two beers until label-hiding wraps and then has a happy beer fan (in this case, yours truly) taste each brew, grading the two mystery beverages on which has more color, which has more aroma and, of course, which has more flavor. 

Now important disclaimer for any taste test truthers out there: I had no idea going into this test that it was Miller Lite versus Bud Light. I didn't know Miller was involved. I didn't even know I was going to be drinking any beer this afternoon at all until approximately two minutes before the camera rolled. So these results are one hundred percent, cross my heart, hope to die authentic. 

So let's find out if I #KnowMyBeer, find out which foamy suds reign supreme and find out what it takes to be a "beer sommelier" in this Facebook Live!

And keep an eye out for #KnowYourBeer taste tests at a bar near you!

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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