By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 29, 2023 at 3:01 PM

Festival City is hopping this summer! OnMilwaukee's Festival Guide is brought to you by Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. Escape the heat and step inside! 

Several years ago, Summerfest unveiled the updated Miller Lite Oasis stage and, along with it, one of its niftiest features: the Brew House, a covered bar area serving refreshing beverages as well as seating and TVs for those who want to relax and watch the show away from the hubbub.

Along with its convienient, large and relaxing covered bar area, the Brew House – located on the north side of the Miller Lite Oasis Stage – also sports some unique ways to earn some great prizes.

Those 21 and older, for instance, can take a swing at the venue's most exhilarating feature: a daily hole-in-one contest brought to you by East Side mini-golf bar Nine Below. For the low, low price of nothing, concert-goers can take some shots at sinking a tricky mini-golf putt – all while Star Wars characters and Beyonce intimidate and judge you from the green. 

Miller Lite Oasis Brew HouseX

Sure, there's the fun of testing your luck on a tricky putt, but here's the best part: If you manage to hit one of your putts, you not only win pride, you'll also score two front row tickets for the Miller Lite Oasis headliner that night (which this year includes acts like Vance Joy, Dylan Scott, The Pretty Reckless, Fleet Foxes and many more). And if that wasn't enough, those two front row tickets also come with three free drinks each. 

Mini-golf, however, is not the only skill that you can use in order to snag some of those front row tickets and free drinks. Shuffleboard also makes an appearance as an additional challenge at the Brew House courtesy of NorthSouth Club – or at least a variation of shuffleboard called "shufflepins." The hybrid combines shuffleboard with – because this is Wisconsin – bowling, using the biscuits and tang to knock down four strategically placed pins on a shuffleboard deck. Succeed and score some of the best seats in the house for the night's show. 

Miller Lite Oasis Brew HouseX

So stop by, swing or slide away, and give the employee with the microphone a reason to excitedly announce you as the proud winner of front row tickets at the Miller Lite Oasis. 

Miller Lite Oasis Brew HouseX

The Nine Below mini-golf game, NorthSouth shufflepins and the Miller Lite Brew House as a whole are open during Summerfest daily, with the Brew House beer stands serving throughout the night. Oh, and the Big Gig is currently running now through July 1 and July 6-8, so see you all down there!

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