By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 06, 2020 at 11:31 AM

Remember back in August when it was announced that Miller Park and Fiserv Forum were going to be used as early voting sites? And how it was a good thing because people should have the ability and access to vote safely in a pandemic in a functioning democracy? Well, that's not happening anymore, as the Milwaukee Election Commission announced that it has nixed its plans for the two early voting locations due to apparent preemptive concerns over legal challenges. 

“Unfortunately, the addition of these two sites could be legally challenged due to a recent court ruling, and we don’t want to do anything that could risk a City of Milwaukee voter’s ballot (not) being counted,” said Election Commission Executive Director Claire Woodall-Vogg, in a statement. 

Fiserv Forum was set to be utilized for safely distanced early in-person voting starting Oct. 20 through Nov. 1, while Miller Park planned to serve as an early voting drive-thru location.

"While we were excited to welcome voters to Fiserv Forum to cast their ballots in a safe and accessible way, we remain just as committed to encouraging and educating people to vote and making our voices heard in this election," said Bucks and Fiserv Forum president Peter Feigin, in a release.

The news arrives after the Republican Party of Wisconsin sent Woodall-Vogg a letter last week inquiring about the legality of the Commission's plans – most notably putting forward that, if team mascots or players were to be present at the early voting sites, they believed that constituted "electioneering," or "any activity which is intended to influence voting at an election."

"All of the Bucks' and Brewers' athletes and mascots are, of course, beloved of their fans, so their presence at a venue is undoubtedly something of significant value," the letter states. "Consequently, it would be inappropriate for them to be at Miller Park or Fiserv Forum while those venues are in use as alternate absentee ballot sites."

So that sucks – but don't let that stop you from voting in the presidential election on Nov. 3! Be sure to check your voter registration and learn other election information at My Vote Wisconsin.


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