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There are a lot of changes coming to Miller Park. In 2021, it won't be called Miller Park anymore, as the naming rights change hands to American Family Insurance. But there's another change coming even sooner, as today the Brewers announced Friday's Front Row Sports Grill will be replaced by ... Restaurant To Be Named Later.

No, really, that's the actual name of the new restaurant. We emailed the Brewers, and they confirmed that Restaurant To Be Named Later will indeed be called Restaurant To Be Named Later.

The Brewers announced the new eatery this morning with the help of a video posted to social media, starring Bob Uecker trying to name the restaurant and landing on Restaurant To Be Named Later. No, not that the restaurant is actually going to be named later. It is literally called Restaurant To Be Named Later. 

Operated by Delaware North, Restaurant To Be Named Later* will serve "a myriad of Wisconsin favorites, with twists on classic food and beverage offerings," according to a press release – a release that also says in numerous places that the restaurant's name is Restaurant To Be Named Later. The release also notes that the space will be renovated with new decor to match the name and vibe of Restaurant To Be Named Later. 

If you want to make one final trip to Friday's Front Row, the restaurant will stay open until early December. The new restaurant – which will still be actually called Restaurant To Be Named Later – is expected to open in mid-January and stay open year-round like its predecessor. 

Stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for more updates – like if Restaurant To Be Named Later ends up actually being named later. 

* The real name, not a joke

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