By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 23, 2010 at 9:02 AM Photography: Andy Tarnoff

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We all live in Milwaukee -- a city drenched in Miller -- so why wouldn't we have a taste for it? And maybe because we've had it on so many occasions, it makes perfect sense that we prefer Miller beers to those of to its biggest competitor, Budweiser.

But we had to be sure. So, we put ourselves -- and Miller and Bud brews -- to the test.

Even in a blind tasting -- we had an abstemious staffer run the test --'s editorial staff selected Miller products over Bud, 12-6, in this Milwaukee Challenge, which pitted Miller High Life, Miller Lite and Miller Chill against Budweiser, Bud Light and BL Lime.

High Life walloped Bud, six votes to none, while BL Lime beat Miller Chill, 4-2. Miller Lite topped Bud Light by the same 4-2 margin.

Here's what we had to say:

Molly Snyder Edler
Staff Writer
Picks: BL Lime, Bud Light and Miller High Life

I really can’t believe I picked two Bud products over Miller. I don’t think I have ever ordered a Budweiser in my entire life. But moving on, in a previous blog, I disclosed my sad-but-true appreciation for super low-cal beers, and although the BL Lime isn’t a flavor sensation, it does have an intense lime flavor when makes it more interesting and refreshing. And the Bud Light seems to have more body than the Miller Lite, which is why it got my vote. Finally, I appreciated the slightly sweeter flavor of the Miller High Life. But my final answer? I’ll have a Guinness.

Drew Olson
Senior editor
Picks: BL Lime, Miller Lite and Miller High Life

While the second two categories went down to the wire and could have gone either way, the lime competition was an absolute blowout. Bud's effort had a less substantial head, but it compensated with a pleasant lime aroma and a smooth, consistent finish. I can't see drinking a six-pack of it, but it would be a nice change of pace -- particularly on a hot day. By comparison, Miller Chill tasted like it had been strained through a pair of sweat socks.

The lite category was much closer. Both beers had awatery consistency. Bud Light had a more robust head, but  the MillerLite had a slightly better finish.

In the standard (heavyweight) division, Miller High Life had a crisp, sweeter taste with the carbonation caressing the palette. Bud was a bit more bitter and had a thicker consistency, which wasn't a deal breaker. It was a close call, but High Life carried the day.

Maureen Post 
Staff Writer 
Picks: BL Lime, Bud Lite and Miller High Life

This was a blind taste test but more importantly for me, it was a test of a few beers I rarely ever drink. Surprisingly, I chose two Budweiser products -- with the exception of Miller High Life, the only beer on the list that I commonly drink. Both Bud Lite and BL Lime were crisp and refreshing with a more subtle skunky beer flavor. The BL Lime had tons of carbonation making it almost spritzer-like, the lime flavor fairly authentic like the real deal in Corona. On the opposite end, Miller High Life had an authentic beer flavor -- drinkable and smooth.

Bobby Tanzilo
Managing editor
Picks: BL Lime, Miller Lite and Miller High Life

I was a split voter, giving the edge to Miller High Life over Bud and Miller Lite over Bud Light. But when it came to the lime-flavored beers, I preferred Bud's BL Lime because it had much more of a lime flavor. If I wanted the super subtle lime flavor of Miller Chill, I'd likely just order a more flavorful beer with a lime wedge.

When it came to the light beers -- something I almost never drink -- I found Miller Lite slightly sweeter and the same characteristic lifted Miller High Life over Budweiser. But, really, I was surprised how similar Bud and High Life tasted. I expected them to be more different.

Andy Tarnoff
Picks:  Miller Chill, Miller Lite and Miller High Life

I haven't drank a Budweiser since college, and even then, it was under duress. While Miller isn't my all-time favorite brewer, I certainly drink enough of it to call myself a fan. Still, I wasn't immediately sure which beers were which when presented without labels, tasting them side-by-side. I found the lime offerings to be very different; BL Lime was extremely limey and too sweet for my liking, while Miller Chill smelled and tasted like actual beer.  More like a Corona with a lime, really, and that's why it got my vote.

For the light beers, Miller Lite tasted smooth, while Bud Light was bitter.  Miller Lite had a good smell, while Bud Light had no smell at all.

Finally, High Life was sweet, smooth and creamy, while Budweiser just tasted skunky.  In the end, my fears of "running the table" with Bud were all for naught: even blindly, I picked Miller all the way.

Andrew Wagner
Staff Writer
Picks: Miller Chill, Miller Lite and Miller High Life

I'll come out right here and admit it: there was a time, when I had close friendships with folks in St. Louis, that I was a regular Budweiser drinker.

Those days are long gone thanks to my improved taste (and a genuine dislike for Clydesdales) so I figured this little test would be a piece of cake ... but it most certainly was not.

For the record: Only one of the beers sampled is in my regular rotation, one would be considered an "only if it's all there is or you're buying it" option and the other ... not a chance I'm spending my money on it.

But in the spirit of Journalism, I gave my all.

The first samples -- Chill and BL Lime -- were among the most awful beers I've tasted. I'm sorry, but if I want lime in my beverage, I'll have a gin and tonic, thank you very much. Still, what turned out to be the Miller Chill had just a light hint of lime taste in what I thought was an otherwise bland brew. The BL Lime was overpowered by lime, which I guess is cool if you're into that sort of thing. I am not.

In the light beer category, both seemed completely devoid of flavor. But Miller's product was crisper with a very slight aftertaste -- which I enjoy. Bud Light had a skunky aroma and was unpleasantly bitter.

On then, to the "full flavored" options where I had significant experience and thought I'd be able to easily differentiate between the two. It took me a moment, but I finally recognized the distinct taste of High Life, despite not detecting the usual almost-creamy flavor I've come to love. High Life had just enough body to feel filling. The Bud isn't a bad beer. Again, I wouldn't turn it down. But it doesn't take me long to get annoyed by the little twinge of flavor provided by rice used by Anheuser-Busch in the brewing process.

I have lots of love for my friends in St. Louis but in the end, the Girl in the Moon by far surpasses those big, clumsy horses.