By Richie Burke Contributor Published Mar 07, 2024 at 4:01 PM

When it comes to the MASL and the Milwaukee Wave, Ian Bennett is a certified legend. He’s a two-time MASL MVP and three-time champion with the Milwaukee Wave – and he's also still performing at a high level this season at the age of 40. 

That said, there is a lot more to Ian Bennett than what you see on the field. The guy is a father of two daughters, has more energy than just about anyone I’ve ever met, and his authentic unfiltered nature made for a great and highly entertaining podcast. 


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The episode kicks off with Ian discussing what it’s like to be nearly double the age of some of his teammates and gets pressed on his responsibility to show them the ropes on and off the field, which segues into where the Wave go to celebrate a night out (quite a few places in Milwaukee!) as well as what they do after a loss. 

The episode also dives into his upbringing of playing soccer (and American football) growing up in Canada, how he barely got into college passing his SAT on the number and how he started his career as an outdoor player in Charleston, South Carolina, before transitioning to the indoor star that he is today. 

The Standard Five, sponsored by Central Standard Distillery, delivers rapid-fire questions, touching on Ian's greatest soccer moment, his Canadian obsession with maple syrup, and even his love for McDonald's and if Canadian’s are actually more friendly than Midwesterners. The episode wraps up with Ian's love for life, his motivation, and his deep appreciation for the people and home he's found here in Milwaukee.

Tune in for an episode packed with laughter, soccer insights and a glimpse into the life of a soccer swag master. Subscribe, review and enter the weekly drawing for some Milwaukee Uncut swag – and thanks for joining us on this wild ride with Ian Bennett!