By Lyndsey Hass Published Aug 03, 2023 at 3:01 PM

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As the summer season kicks into high gear, one event that Wisconsinites – and others across the nation – eagerly anticipate is the Wisconsin State Fair. With its rich history and diverse offerings, the fair has become a beloved tradition for families across the state. CEO Shari Black came on Milwaukee Uncut and provided a sneak peek into the upcoming fair, highlighting exciting new foods, captivating shows, what’s new this year and the essential role of showcasing agriculture.


New foods and experiences

Cream puffs, fried apple pie, alligator ribs and just about anything you can ask for on a stick: When it comes to the Wisconsin State Fair, one aspect that always stands out is the delicious and unique food offerings. In the interview, CEO Shari Black revealed some of the exciting new culinary creations awaiting fairgoers this year. Food enthusiasts can expect a fusion of traditional fair favorites with innovative twists, making the culinary experience at the Wisconsin State Fair truly unforgettable. We even put her food knowledge to the test by giving her a ten-part "true/false” quiz on what would be featured at the fair this year. 

Captivating shows and entertainment

Beyond the food, the Wisconsin State Fair is renowned for its entertainment lineup. From live music concerts featuring local and national talents to thrilling acrobatic displays like Cirque at the Fair – which is new this year – there will be no shortage of entertaining performances. 

Showcasing agriculture's importance

Black has an interesting backstory that most “CEOs” don’t. She grew up on a farm, showing animals at county fairs and the State Fair, so highlighting agriculture hits home to her. It’s a core pillar of the State Fair. In the interview, she emphasized the significance of educating attendees about farming, food production and the agricultural industry as a whole. Through various exhibits, demonstrations and interactive experiences, the fair aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the vital role that agriculture plays in our daily lives. From livestock showcases to agricultural competitions including “Cow Prom," visitors will have the opportunity to connect with Wisconsin's rich agricultural heritage.

What to expect this year

From thrilling rides and games on the midway to exploring the diverse vendor booths and exhibits, there will be endless opportunities for fun and discovery. With an emphasis on community engagement and creating lasting memories, the fair aims to provide an experience that resonates with both long-time attendees and first-time visitors.

In conclusion, the interview with CEO Shari Black gives us an exciting preview of what to expect at the Wisconsin State Fair. From indulging in tasty new foods to experiencing captivating shows and embracing the agricultural heritage of the state, there is something for everyone to enjoy. As summer unfolds, anticipation builds for this annual celebration, and fairgoers eagerly await the vibrant sights, sounds, and flavors that await them at the Wisconsin State Fair.

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