By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 29, 2012 at 9:01 AM

Last week, The Social Circle column posed the question, "What's on your bucket list?" to social media participants.

The response was so phenomenal, the contributors and editors took it a step further and decided to share what's on their bucket lists, both in general and specifically what's on their Milwaukee bucket list.

As always, chime in with your bucket list items – meaning the things you want to experience before you kick the bucket – via the Talkback feature.

Lindsay Garric contributor

Bucket list: Go to Mysore, India and study at The Ashtanga Yoga Institute for at least a month and then top it off with a holiday in Thailand.

Milwaukee bucket list: Does "Up North" count as Milwaukee? If so, I really want to spend a summer in a lake cabin Up North – just me and my dog. The family can visit, but I want to walk, hike, swim, paddleboard, fish, write, listen to music, read, cook, bake, do yoga, meditate and sing without the interruptions of normal, daily life. No makeup, no dress up. If not, I want to do the same thing in a killer little house, maybe in St. Francis on Lake Michigan and with more BBQs.

Damien Jaques
Senior contributing editor

Bucket list: Walk on the Great Wall of China.

Milwaukee bucket list: Watch a Brewers game in the Brewers' dugout.

Renee Lorenz
Staff writer

Bucket list: See Venice. There's a hefty list of places I want to see before I kick it, but Venice has been on it the longest. I can't really pin down why I want to go so badly; the place just kind of has a fascinating intrigue about it. Ideally, I could go for a whole Mediterranean cruise and add Greece and Egypt, maybe Morocco ... Spain ... anyway. If I'm picking one, Venice is it. (I suppose I should add "learn Italian" to the bucket list, too.)

Milwaukee bucket list: Play a concert with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra – This is probably a long shot since these people are professionals who have devoted their whole lives to their instruments. But, I've casually lent mine to the clarinet for 15 years now and I'd like to think I could hold my own – at least enough to blend in, as long as they took it easy on the technical stuff. I'd even take up bass clarinet again if it'd get me further in the door. Please, MSO? One concert couldn't hurt.

Doug Russell
Staff writer

Bucket list: I have a lot of things on my list. I think right at the top is to have my picture taken walking through the crosswalk at Abbey Road barefoot, just like Paul McCartney on the album cover. I would also like to play a round of golf at the Old Course at St. Andrew's. To walk in the steps of literally every great golfer in the history of the game would be indescribable.

Milwaukee bucket list: I would love to introduce a main stage act at the Marcus Amphitheater, even though bands don't do that anymore. Bob Barry made one introduction of The Beatles at the Milwaukee Arena in the summer of 1964 and he was called "Beatle Bob Barry" the rest of his life. Really? Can I be called "U2 Doug Russell?" Because that would rock.

Jeff Sherman

Bucket list: First and foremost on the bucket list, I would like somehow to get to heaven and have conversations with those I love. That's probably not gonna happen until – well – I pass on, so as my second choice I'd really enjoy having an ongoing minor role on a TV series that I love. I don't really have any acting experience, but I think it would be a blast to be a fun, minor character on a hit show that I enjoy like "3o Rock," "Boardwalk Empire," "Mad Men," "Homeland" or "Boss."

Milwaukee bucket list: Easy. Ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks. I respect all that Senator Kohl has done to keep the team here, but I can't lie, I'd love to own the Bucks. I'm a huge fan, season ticket holder and a stellar fantasy NBA GM, so, of course, I'd make a great owner! Second on the list: navigate the entire Milwaukee River in a submarine. How cool (and probably gross) would that be!? Third, convince Target to finally build a store in Downtown Milwaukee.

Molly Snyder
Associate editor

Bucket list: My main goal in life is to unleash two men, who are currently 9-year-old boys, into the world who are not as*holes. I would also like to have the opportunity to return to Guatemala someday, with my son, and thank his birth mom for sharing with me one of the most daring, funny and insightful human beings I have ever met. I would also like to write a book. I'd like to call it a memoir, but most likely it would fall into the family tragicomedy genre. It's been a colorful life so far.

Milwaukee bucket list: One of my Milwaukee dreams was fulfilled this summer when I was allowed access to the top of the Wisconsin Gas Light Building and stood next to the flame. I see this flame almost every evening of my life, and now every time I do, I remember standing next to it. It has changed my perspective of the city both literally and figuratively ever since. I now have the bug to check out other intriguing Milwaukee spaces, and getting inside the Allen Bradley clocktower is my main focus right now. I would also like to be in a band again someday and gig at a large venue like Summerfest or the Bradley Center, just for the experience of it. Finally, and this is definitely do-able, I want to eat at Barnacle Bud's during a blizzard and write about the experience of eating at my favorite summertime place when there's a foot or more of snow on the ground.

Bobby Tanzilo
Managing editor

Bucket list: Most of my bucket list stuff is travel-related. I want to take my kids back to Citi Field to see their Mets (one has already been and the other is eager to go) and I'd like to get to Spring Training someday, too. Though I've been to minor league games at nearly all levels, I've never made it to Spring Training. I'd also like to take the kids to Italy (again, one's been and the other is waiting to go). Maybe we can detour to Paris on that trip, too. Someday I'd like to visit Argentina to see where my great-grandmother was born, though I expect it's changed a fair bit since the 1880s, and my ancestral winemaking town in the Rhein-Pfalz, too.

Milwaukee bucket list: I'd love to go to the top of the Allen Bradley clocktower to see the view from up there. I remember driving to Milwaukee as a kid and waking up early in the morning in the car on I-94, seeing the AB tower and knowing we'd arrived. It's always been my Milwaukee landmark of choice.