By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 25, 2012 at 9:16 AM

Being a great place on a great lake AND the gathering of the waters means Milwaukee is A-1 angling territory.

There are plenty of freshwater bodies that are great for fly and reel fishing, from Lake Michigan to inland lakes, county parks lagoons, the Milwaukee, Menomonee, Kinnickinnic Rivers and other lagoons, rivers and streams, too.

The DNR has a good site for Fishing Lake Michigan and Milwaukee County offers angling resources online, too.

Here are a few go-to places that offer some of the best fishing in town:

Doctor's Park
This fishing beach offers jetties from which to fish, but some of them may be partially submerged after strong east winds. Brown trout is the best catch here. Bring your hiking boots, though. The walk down to the beach is very long and steep.

Estabrook Park
You can find trout, salmon, walleye, bass, steelhead and more in the river. Milwaukee County also stocks the park's lagoon for fishing.

Kletszch Park
The angling is fantastic where the Milwaukee River tumbles down a little waterfall, and you'll find a lot of regulars out there at almost all times. But there are homes directly across the river from the park, so please be courteous.

McKinley Marina / Veteran's Park lagoon
Although this park has little wildlife habitat, it is excellent for dock fishing and boat tours. Boat ramps, beaches and on-beach activities are available. Especially popular among fishermen is the inlet near Lincoln Memorial Drive across from Alterra at the Lake. Anglers also enjoy tossing a hook into the Veterans Park lagoon a two-minute walk to the south.

Menomonee River, Miller Park area
Word is that autumn is a great time to drop a hook in here. You can find salmon, steelies and other fish, but at times when the water is low, it can be slow going.

North Avenue / Caesar's Park
The Milwaukee River near Caesar's Park, just south of North Avenue  is a prime spot for its abundance of steelhead fish. Since fishing in a current is very different than fishing in a lake, it is recommended that bobbers and egg sinkers be used to cast out into the current. Don't bring your best lures, though, the water is very shallow and you could catch a snag.

Oak Creek
Fly fishing, anyone? Located in Grant Park in South Milwaukee, this small stream below the dam is a great place to fly fish. Bring your best fishing gear here, cast away your spinner and soak some spawn under a bobber.

South Shore Yacht Club
The South Shore Yacht Club is located by the south gap of the break wall in Lake Michigan. Pike are here every day. Casting may be difficult due to the abundance of docked boats and weed beds. For the pros, crank bait and silver and blue spoons are recommended. For more information call (414) 762-9819.

Summerfest grounds
Have the best of both worlds at this fishing area located at the mouth of the Milwaukee River. Fish in the river during the early morning hours for steelhead or switch over to Lake Michigan for browns. For you fishing pros it is recommended that you use golden shiners or fresh spawn for steelhead and blue and silver spoons for brown trout.

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