By Jeff Sherman Staff Writer Published May 13, 2002 at 5:29 AM

Koz's Mini BowlIt has been called bowling for elves, but duckpin bowling at Koz's Mini Bowl is no small task. Koz's Mini Bowl, where's that? Glad that you asked. Tucked into a Milwaukee's South Side tavern at 2078 S. 7th St., Koz's isn't your typical Milwaukee bowling experience.

Koz's features four 16-foot lanes, softball-size bowling balls, miniature pins and very brave pin setters who dodge flying pins and bowling balls just to keep your game rolling along in a smooth and efficient manner. Pin setters, a throw back to the good old days! Koz's, in and of itself, is a throw back to the days of old. The owner, DuWayne Kosakoski, calls bowling in his joint, "the most honest bowling in America."

The most honest bowling in America, and it's right here in Milwaukee. If you have never been to Koz's, get there. It is a guaranteed good time.


But, before you go — a few of my personal tips and rules. I'm far from a seasoned veteran of duckpin bowling, but I can say that I have made at least five visits to Koz's over the past several years.

  • Be the ball, but don't throw it! It's still bowling, roll the ball into the pins.
  • Find a pin location, focus on it and steer the ball into the pins. That's right, body English wins this game. Work it, and the pins shall fall.
  • Be kind to your pin setters. Once your ball is tossed, these daring youngsters leap from behind a mesh screen, clear your pins and get you ready for your second ball or for the next bowler. Treat them with respect.
  • Tip your pin setter. Fifty-cents per game doesn't pay the rent!
  • Cram the jukebox with good dance tunes. Getting your groove on puts a special spin on your ball that is sure to knock 'em down.
  • Drink. After all, Koz's is a bar, too. And you can still get PBR on tap there.
  • Designate a driver if you drink. Common sense here, folks.
  • Strive for excellence. Becoming a member of the Koz's 300 Club is an exclusive honor. Your name goes on the wall, and the prize is something worth bragging about!

BowlingKoz's Mini Bowl offers the perfect venue to practice for the big alleys or just to learn a new sport. A group outing to Koz's is an experience that your friends will be talking about for months.

Jeff Sherman Staff Writer

A life-long and passionate community leader and Milwaukeean, Jeff Sherman is a co-founder of OnMilwaukee.

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He owns a condo in Downtown and lives in greater Milwaukee with his wife Stephanie, his son, Jake, and daughter Pierce. He's a political, music, sports and news junkie and thinks, for what it's worth, that all new movies should be released in theaters, on demand, online and on DVD simultaneously.

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