By Henri Chomeau, Special to OnMilwaukee   Published Feb 20, 2019 at 1:05 PM

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Does the sound of indie rock inspired by world music techniques appeal to you? Then score some tickets to Beirut at The Pabst Theater this Thursday, Feb. 21. Doors open at 7 p.m.  

Price of admission

Seats start at $32.50 – with a portion of each sale going to Buffalo String Works, a community-based nonprofit organization that fosters hope and compassion through high-quality music instruction for refugee children. 

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Why you can't miss it

Frontman Zach Condon named his band after the historic port city that sits on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean. And much like the trading post has served as a melting pot for an eclectic mix of cultures for centuries, the band's music brings together a variety of music genres, blending whimsical folk to exotic world music.

Earlier this year, Beirut released its sixth studio album, "Gallipoli," with all the horns and chimes that we have come to know and love so well. If you're new to the band, here is a list to get you started – but please don't stop there! This catalog is worth digging into for the deep cuts! 

Song starter pack

The Hit: "Santa Fe"

In the ode to his hometown, Condon seems to long for the place where he grew up. The fast-paced track is a reminder we all sometimes yearn for home.

The B-Side Beauty: "East Harlem"

In this gem, the lyrics describe two worlds that any New Yorker will tell you might as well be separated by 1,000 miles: East Harlem and the East Village. However far apart the two neighborhoods might seem, they are united through the sounds that are created there. Light on lyrics, Beirut's distinct sound of the brass, piano and accordion are all this gorgeous song needs.

Can't Wait to See It Live: "Postcards from Italy"

This love song builds all the way up to the very end until it crescendos with the classic Beirut horn set that is ever present in their sound. This should be a good one to hear in person!