By Henri Chomeau, Special to OnMilwaukee   Published Apr 24, 2019 at 12:01 PM

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Billy Joel returns to Milwaukee for the first time in 11 (!) years – and for the first time ever at Miller Park – on Friday night. While supplies are limited, tickets can still be purchased directly from Ticketmaster for as little as $38. Click here to buy them before they're gone!

Why you can't miss it

Concertgoers will be treated to classics such as "You May Be Right" and "Don’t Ask Me Why." But there’s more. This will not be strictly '80s performance. You will be treated to the best of the singer-songwriter’s catalog which spans over five decades of work.

Song starter pack

The Hit: "Piano Man"

Come prepared to sing along with the piano man to this one. This autobiographical ballad hearkens back to Joel’s early career playing bars in Los Angeles while trying to make it big. Today the song is beloved by fans and considered his signature.

The B-Side Beauty: "Summer, Highland Falls"

In past shows, this has been an audience choice – so be loud, Milwaukee! The piano shines in this track about the highs and lows that life throws your way. Regardless of whether the crowd chooses this or "Zanzibar," this moment is guaranteed to be one of the highs of Friday evening.

Can't Wait to See It Live: "Vienna"

This number is a beautiful arrangement with lyrics that convey an important message. When the signature piano introduces the song, slow down and take satisfaction in how you’re spending your Friday. A great show is one of the best things in life.