By Meghan Chomeau, Special to OnMilwaukee   Published Jan 15, 2019 at 4:01 PM

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Looking for a winter activity that’s worth coming out of hibernation? Head to The Back Room at Colectivo this Thursday, Jan. 17, for a can’t miss show with Rayland Baxter. The night kicks off at 7:30 p.m. with special guest Illiterate Light. Get there early to claim your spot.

Price of admission

No excuses to miss this one, as tickets are just $15. Click here to buy now.

Why you can’t miss it

Singer-songwriter Rayland Baxter has been heating up the alt-country music scene since the 2012 release of his debut album, "Feathers & Fishhooks." He’s made a name for himself playing countless festivals and touring with acts like The Lumineers and Jason Isbell. Now the Nashville native is touring in support of what might be his best work yet, "Wide Awake."

A student of classics like The Kinks and Leonard Cohen, Baxter takes his craft seriously. Interestingly, even when dealing with heady topics, his songs aren’t that serious. And that’s his talent: creating songs with a balance of humor and honesty. Don’t miss the chance to watch Rayland break down the Back Room’s intimate venue on Thursday night. 

Song starter pack

The Hit: "Olivia"

A tale of infatuation gone wrong, this song details the fallout with a girl named Olivia. It might sound like a tale of doom and gloom, but the song is surprisingly upbeat. With over 17 million listens on Spotify, you’ve probably heard it on a "chill" folk playlist.

The B-Side Beauty: "Everything To Me"

One of the best things about Rayland is his ability to slow things down while keeping the energy up. He does just that on "Everything to Me," a touching song about the love and support his family has shown him while pursuing his dream.

Can’t Wait to See It Live: "Yellow Eyes"

"Yellow Eyes" is a self-deprecating break-up song set to a killer electric guitar. The mix creates a levity that will have you swooning.