By Nate Proell, OnMilwaukee Intern   Published Aug 07, 2017 at 5:03 PM

Emojis are a great way to express certain emotions and create a fun atmosphere in any conversation. So to put a new spin on the fun, we here at OnMilwaukee have put together a Milwaukee related emoji app called LocaMoji. And with it being State Fair season, what better LocaMoji to use right now than the cream puff?

In the LocaMoji app, you will find Milwaukee-related emojis such as Bob Uecker, Alice Cooper pronouncing "Milly-Wah-Kay," the Milverine and more. They are a great way to add to all the fun that Milwaukee has to offer – and right now, all that fun is about the State Fair. 

Of course, it truly would not be the Wisconsin State Fair without the famous cream puffs. They are a delight to eat and the perfect photo-opp to show that you are enjoying the festivities. So give the cream puff LocaMoji a try with your next State Fair-related Instagram or Facebook post. 

Want to ask a friend to the fair? Try using the cream puff LocaMoji in your text. In fact, you could probably just text the emoji with a question mark and chances are the person you are texting will know what you are asking. 

All of the Milwaukee related emojis in the LocaMoji app are so unique and fun that they are sure to turn heads and make people wonder where you got them. So the next time you find your way to the Fair, be sure to try out the LocaMoji app and get creative with all that Milwaukee has to offer.