By JC Poppe Special to Published Dec 01, 2010 at 8:14 AM

Yesterday, Milwaukee's habitually accoladed nighttime party starter Kid Cut Up released a super fresh new project to get the people's backsides moving in a rhythmic way at any hour of the day.

"Super Mix" showcases a lot of the techniques Kid Cut Up utilizes in his live shows to keep the crowd moving, and people who follow him may be familiar with a lot of the mixes on this free project.

"This mix is a collection of a number of live DJ routines I've been doing the last year, mixed together with a couple original remixes, mash ups, and other treats. I always like to have an up to date mix that reflects how I play at live events," Kid Cut Up told me.

Kid Cut Up wants to make sure that you are getting the absolute best music at all times possible, so these mixes are club tested, and essentially the best of the best of what the veteran DJ has to offer.

"A lot of the individual remixes are things I build one at a time and test out at shows to make sure it goes over well. Then, I just collect all of the best ones and start piecing them together in a mix. I follow the old hip-hop concept that if it's funky and it rocks, then I'll rock it.

The always busy DJ can be heard Tuesday nights on WMSE doing the Mad Kids show, spinning hip-hop from 9 p.m.-midnight, in addition to being found Thursday nights at Hi-Hat Garage. If you are interested in checking him out, visit his Facebook page to stay on top of when and where he'll be performing.

Download the new, fresh and free "Super Mix" here.

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