By JC Poppe Special to Published Dec 10, 2010 at 10:11 AM

Well, it's that time of the year again. That's right, it's list time, and Milwaukee hip-hop has had one heck of a year. I originally wasn't going to do a list of any kind because people are very sensitive about being left off of such things but here I go.

I've broken things done into a few different categories and I'm not assigning numbers to anything or claiming anything superior to anything else. What I am doing is purely a list of my favorites from the year. As you go through the categories, I encourage you to check out everything you aren't familiar with because you might find something you like.


  • AUTOMatic -- Transistor
  • Dana Coppafeel -- Coppa's Welfare Foods
  • Def Harmonic -- Figs
  • D. Ellzey -- A Shift In The Wind
  • Raze -- Living in Technocolor


  • KingHellBastard -- Remember The Name
  • Lunaversol9 -- A Novel Slur
  • Signif and Haz Solo -- The Transition Remixes EP
  • Stranj Child -- The Stranj Child EP
  • The Hollowz -- The Premonition EP


  • Born Brothaz -- JFK Conspiracy Series
  • Dana Coppafeel -- The Feature
  • Ray Nitti -- April Showers
  • SPEAK Easy -- That Was Easy
  • Tay Butler -- UMG Summer League


  • Adebisi -- "80's Babies"
  • AUTOMatic -- "Do You Want It"
  • Born Brothaz -- "Shine"
  • Dana Coppafeel -- "Another One"
  • Def Harmonic -- "My Own Devices"
  • D. Ellzey -- "Faith"
  • KingHellBastard -- "I Believe" featuring Raashan Ahmad
  • Lah Kid -- "Go Hard"
  • Lunaversol9 -- "Hellbent"
  • Malicious -- "Midnight Sky"
  • MC (Mikal) -- "Pugilism"
  • Pacino -- "Catch Feelings"
  • Prophetic -- "Living in the Sky"
  • Que -- "Can't Keep Running Away"
  • Raze -- "One Hunnid"
  • Ray Nitti -- "April Showers" featuring J.De'Lon and Young Nov
  • Stranj Child -- "Split Personality"
  • Stricklin -- "I Be Damn"
  • Tay Butler -- "Home"
  • The Hollowz -- "Roadz"

There you have it, that's what I've been listening to regularly and what I've thoroughly enjoyed this year. I'm looking forward to what Milwaukee hip-hop will offer up in 2011.

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