By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 13, 2023 at 6:56 PM

We're less than halfway through the first month of a new year, which means millions of people are in the midst of holding onto their New Year's resolutions (or at least trying to). And for many people, a popular resolution is axing alcohol from your life – even if just for the first month of the year. But even though "Dry January" is just 31 days, by the time you reach day 14 – or even just day four – you'll likely be tired of drinking cranberry juice and seltzer, or La Croix. 

No fear – there's plenty of ways to hit the bars without having to hit up booze, to enjoy a creative concoction without ordering a cocktail. Here is a substantial handful of places where you can discover alcohol-free excellence throughout the city, courtesy of OnMilwaukee contributor Erik Kennedy's continuing quest for quality mocktails. 

(Note: Some restaurants change out their mocktails seasonally, so be sure to ask the bartender or check the website's cocktail menu for the most up-to-date options.)

3rd Street Market Hall
275 W. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 100, (414) 249-5062
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The bar at 3rd Street Market Hall is a first-rate place to grab a mocktail, with an energizing setting and plenty of delicious options surrounding you to help wash your non-boozy beverage down.

315 E. Wisconsin Ave., (414) 369-3683
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Don't let its seemingly small outside appearance fool you: Amilinda has some of the biggest flavors in the city, and that includes its hefty variety of refreshing mocktail offerings.

311 N. Plankinton Ave., (414) 276-4400
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Artisan elegance for all is the way to described Aperitivo – and that continues into its bar menu, featuring a number of craft mocktails that infuse herbal, botanical, spicy and fruity flavors into delicious drinks that don't taste like they're missing a thing. 

Ash at The Iron Horse Hotel
500 W. Florida St. Suite 100, (414) 374-4766
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With mocktails working across the spectrum of flavors – from warmly citrus to sharp and bold, and rich and creamy – Ash at the Iron Horse Hotel is a horse worth betting on when it comes to finding a refreshing N/A beverage that goes beyond.

1924 E. Kenilworth Pl., (414) 939-8592
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Things are sharp at this East Side axe-slinging hangout – and AXE MKE's mocktail options will keep your aim on target, including a ginger fizz, cherry limeade and "Steelworks" featuring ginger beer, Coke and angostura bitters. (Or no to the bitters, if you're going full N/A for the night.)

925 E. Wells St., (414) 765-1166
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This sophisticated yet accessible Downtown Bartolottas restaurant is a great place for romance, not just for falling in love with your food or your dining partner but also mocktails. 

Bittercube Bar & Bazaar
5900 W. North Ave., (414) 207-6262
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Bittercube is an icon in Wisconsin drinking thanks to its outstanding bitters and other accoutrements – and if you stop by its in-person locale, you can add its delicious N/A options to that list of reasons for beverage royalty. 

Boone & Crockett
818 S. Water St., (414) 212-8115
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From its early days in Bay View to its current home on the lakefront, Boone & Crockett's known what people want to drink – and right now, mocktails and N/A options are on the rise, so of course this hip hangout's got well-orchestrated options, currently including the "Backseat Bingo" with fresh grapefuit and lime juice, the "Stranger Danger" with pineapple and lime, and the "Cardinal Punch" with mint and crushed cherries.

7700 Harwood Ave., (414) 271-7700
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Buckatabon is a new-school take on the old-school supper club – and that includes mocktails. The current menu offers N/A takes on a bloody mary, a mule and a hot chocolate perfect for any wintry Dry January visits.

4195 N. Oakland Ave., (414) 488-2587
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These Buttermint mocktails indeed melt away like butter – currently including such options as an "Oakland Streetcat" with Elderflower cordial, grapefruit and lime; a "CosNOpolitan" featuring Seedlip Grove 42, lime, simple and cranberry juice; and a "French 57" mixing Seedlip garden spirit, lemon, simple and N/A sparkling wine. Clearly these aren't your standard non-alcoholic spritzers.

Cafe Benelux
346 N. Broadway, (414) 501-2500
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Benelux is known for one of the most popular brunch spots and patio views in the city – but you should also know about its mocktails, including a spiced pomegranate mule and grapefruit refresher plus two kombucha options for those not going the mocktail route. 

Cafe Hollander
2608 N. Downer Ave., (414) 963-6366
7677 W. State St., (414) 475-6771
20150 Union Street, (262) 785-4490
5900 W. Mequon Rd., (262) 236-0107
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Cafe Hollander is always a popular spot because it can satisfy just about every palate – and that includes the N/A palate, with mocktail options that are bright, bold and blissful like a Hawaiian take on a mule and a pomegranate punch.

Camp Bar
4044 N. Oakland Ave., (414) 962-5182
6600 W. North Ave., (414) 763-3793
525 E. Menomonee St., (414) 930-9282

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Set up camp at one of the area's Camp Bar locations, bringing a little up north down to Milwaukee. For its mocktail selections, Camp Bar provides two N/A takes on bar classics: the old fashioned and the Moscow mule that lack alcohol but don't lack flavor and fun.

718 N. Milwaukee St., (414) 223-2200
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The steak may be the star at this spectacular chophouse – but feel free to wash down your delicious meat of choice with an equally delicious craft mocktail.

Centraal Grand Cafe & Tappery
2306 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., (414) 755-0378
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Centraal's beer list is always legendary – but as it's menu says, when it's not actually five o'clock somewhere, they also offer some N/A mocktail options highlighted by its raspberry hibiscus mule. 

Central Standard Crafthouse & Kitchen
320 E. Clybourn St., (414) 455-8870
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Found at its relatively new Downtown crafthouse (with a view), Central Standard helps set the standard for beverages in town – and that includes a mocktail lineup like a matcha tonic, N/A take on horchata, a "Honeybee Cooler" with lemon, lime and honey, and more. 

Five O'Clock Steakhouse
2416 W. State St., (414) 342-3553
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A legend of the MKE steakhouse scene, the time is always right to stop by Five O'Clock Steakhouse – and that's true if you're looking for a mocktail as well, serving up an elevated Hawaiian Punch-themed number, a strawberry rhubarb soda and a duo named after some Hollywood icons on par with this fine establishment.

Foundation Tiki Bar
2718 N. Bremen St., (414) 374-2587
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This Riverwest hidden gem may be more famous for its boozy tiki drinks that mean business – but they've also got mocktail options for those looking for all the tiki fun without the very un-fun hangover the next day. 

Great Lakes Distillery
616 W. Virginia St., (414) 431-8683
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You might think a distillery would scoff at the idea of a mocktail – but that's not Great Lakes' way. Instead, their tasting room offers a handfull of N/A options, all utilizing the brand's own Sans Junipre non-alcoholic botanical spirit that brings gin notes to mocktails without the actual gin.

Harbor House
550 N. Harbor Dr., (414) 395-4900
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Those looking for a night out without alcohol can find safe harbor at Harbor House, which offers a number of mocktail options for those searching for a lavish dinner but without the liquor.

Hotel Madrid
600 S. 6th St., (414) 488-9146
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Now the home of Movida, Hotel Madrid offers a tantalizing collection of mocktails to go along with its tapas – including a jasmine lemonade, the "AmericaN/A" and a sweet Valencia seca featuring orange and sweetened condensed milk.

329 Main St., (262) 234-2798
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This Racine hotspot was ahead of the N/A curve, providing a "sobar" experience complete with delicious, well-thought mocktail options that recreate classic drinks while not making you miss the alcohol.

The Jazz Estate
2423 N. Murray Ave., (414) 964-9923
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This East Side jazz staple may be temporarily closed, but when it opens back up, hopefully it brings back its mighty mocktail variety almost as harmonious and satisfying to the senses as the music.

Joey Gerard's
5601 Broad St., (414) 858-1900
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Supper clubs are all about tasty tradition, which may not scream mocktail – but Joey Gerard's offers some non-alcoholic options to make sure you feel cozy and comfortable at this Wisco classic no matter your drinking preferences for the night.

Lake Park Bistro
3133 E. Newberry Blvd., (414) 962-6300
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One of the finest dining experiences you can find in Milwaukee can also come with a mocktail to wash it all down, if that is your preference at this premier eating establishment.

Lost Whale
2151 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., (414) 249-3188
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Find yourself at Lost Whale, the Bay View beverage destination that's always mixing up something fun whether it's a themed pop-up or a delicious drink – OR a delicious mocktail, from an N/A Old Fashioned to a sweet N/A ice cream drink treat and a booze-free daquiri. 

6732 W. Fairview Ave., (414) 292-3969
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Milwaukee's home for Southern-style comfort mixes in some refreshing mocktails to go with its seafood and other specialties – including a passion fuit and pineapple "Tropical Storm" and a "Nojito!" that earns its exclamation mark.

Merriment Social
240 E. Pittsburgh Ave., (414) 645-0240
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Merriment Social serves up a tremendous lineup of comfort food favorites – burgers, tacos, fried chicken and much more – made excellently. And that sense of comfort can also be found amongst its mocktail menu, featuring fruity concoctions like the "Mansion in Wiscransin" (orange, cranberry, lemon and ginger) and the "You Deserve It" (strawberry, blueberry, lemon and mint). 

Mr. B's
18380 W. Capitol Dr., (262) 790-7005
11120 N. Cedarburg Rd., (262) 518-5500

The B in this restaurant's name typically stands for "Bartolotta" or "beef" – but in this case, it stands for "booze-free" because Mr. B's offers some mocktail options to go with its scrumptious supper club and steakhouse servings. 

Nine Below
1905 E. North Ave., (414) 210-4470
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Tee up the mocktail menu at this East Side entertainment hub, which offers a trio of mixed N/A options – from a classic Shirley Temple to a giner-and-Coke "Steelworks" ginger – to go along with your hole-in-one putting performance. 

NorthSouth Club
230 E. Pittsburgh Ave., (414) 930-4827
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Between shuffleboard and axe tossing, there's tons of fun games to play at this Third Ward/Walker's Point bustling border bar – but they don't play games when it comes to satisfying mocktails including a smartly crafted cherry lime ade and ginger fizz. 

The Outsider at the Kimpton Journeyman
310 E. Chicago St., (414) 291-3980
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Found at the top of the Journeyman hotel in the Third Ward, The Outsider offers a tremendous view that's worthy of a highfalutin' city three times our size. But let your eyes wander to the rooftop bar's mocktail list as well, featuring N/A renditions of gin gimlets and other seasonal spritzes.

411 E. Mason St., (414) 272-1937
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Beginning life as a peppy pop-up in Lost Whale, Pufferfish's tiki vibes – and their tasty menu of cocktails and crafted N/A options – have made their way full-time to Hotel Metro's sixth floor. 

Punch Bowl Social
1122 Vel R. Phillips Ave., (414) 204-7544
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It took a while for this Deer District playground to re-open post-pandemic – but Punch Bowl Social is back in action, including its lineup of mocktails that are just as fun and playful as the games scattered around the hotspot.

Ristorante Bartolotta
7616 W. State St., (414) 771-7910
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Ristorante Bartolotta is one of the true icons of the Milwaukee dining scene – but just because it's a familiar face doesn't mean it can't mix things up, including with a number of mocktail options for those wanting a perfect pairing of classic and current. 

Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel
139 E. Kilbourn Ave., (414) 276-8686
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You can find a lot of art scattered around Saint Kate, Downtown's centralized hotspot – and that includes on the mocktail menus across the hotel's drinking and dining areas. 

Screaming Tuna
106 W. Seeboth St., (414) 763-1637
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Screaming Tuna, one of Milwaukee's most popular seafood restaurants. And along with copious beer, Japanese libations, cocktails and wine, they've got tasty mocktails to go along with your catch of the day.

Stella Van Buren
550 N. Van Buren St., (414) 847-5622
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Booking a stay in Milwaukee? Well, we know where one of the best hotel restaurants can be found: Stella Van Buren, which also features a vivacious and flavorful lineup of mocktails to go along with its tasty Italian steakhouse offerings.

Story Hill BKC
5100 W. Bluemound Rd., (414) 539-4424
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Here's a story ... about a tasty comfortable eatery in Brew City, whose sense of comfort extends out to a selection of "faux-tails" including a cucumber elderflower fizz and a blueberry cardamom smash. 

Sugar Maple
441 E. Lincoln Ave., (414) 509-6035
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The beer list is always amongst the city's best at this Bay View bar, but if you're hopping away from hops on your next visit, check out their N/A options as well. 

Tied House
124 N. Water St.
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Tied House in the Third Ward is a treasure, with a gorgeous patio space always changing for the seasons and a scrumptious drink menu full of inventive options – and that includes mocktails!