By Lindsay Garric Special to Published May 25, 2012 at 4:19 PM

Action movie writers and directors – put up your dukes. I've got a longstanding issue with you blowing up U.S. cities on the big screen – especially when you attempt to nuke New York City.

My irritation with this silver screen charade was documented back in 2008 in a New York Times article that quoted me (via my maiden name) regarding movies' ("I am Legend" and "Cloverfield") cinematic obliteration of the city I spent a great deal of my childhood, teen years and college experience in getting blown to smithereens.

Now, a spontaneous trip to see "The Avengers" last weekend has reignited my loathing of on-screen explosions in the Big Apple.

Understand – nothing thrills me more than repeat rear views of Captain America or gratuitous shots of Thor's biceps beaded with perspiration and riddled with bulging veins as he summons his hammer, but I'm sick and tired of seeing New York City and its monuments ravaged, blown up and destroyed on celluloid. Am I the only one that is sensitive to the fact that this actually, so tragically happened?

The writer of that NYT article, Brooks Barnes, uncovered that obliterating New York City on the big screen is quite purposeful. Turns out foreign markets champ at the bit to see our homeland get its ass kicked. Makes my stomach turn to think that U.S. filmmakers purposefully use negative domestic imagery to make more money in the overseas market.

Call me oversensitive (as I know that's certainly not the worst thing I've been called), but can't we torch a fictional city or some unknown far away place that isn't so familiar? At the very least, perhaps just not paint such a graphic motion picture for America-haters to jerk off to. I want our superheroes to turn their superpowers to good use – to avenge this nasty for-profit habit of American moviemakers.

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