By Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter Published Aug 18, 2016 at 1:36 PM

OK, did anyone finish watching this week’s episode of "Mr. Robot" on USA Network with a perplexed WTF look on their face? I went into this season thinking one thing, and now I have a whole different perspective. Of course, Elliot is at the root of all this confusion; everyone else is pretty straight forward with their happenings.

Turns out that our bestie Elliot is in jail – plot twist! How long has he been in jail? What is he even in jail for? He’s apparently been there since the season started. The daily program, living with his mom, meetings with Leon, group meetings: They all took place in the pen. It makes sense why he was so limited in his destinations. Not to mention, Leon isn't just Elliot's friend, but he's an ally provided by Whiterose and the Dark Army. At least we know that Elliot is safe with Leon to come to his rescue.

The thing that I’m confused about is his interaction with Ray. Elliot met Ray at one of the daily pickup games, so does that mean that he met Ray in prison? The reason this befuddles me is because of Elliot’s use of the computer to help Ray put up his site, and Ray getting busted by the FBI. I don’t think they get computer access in prison, so did all of this happen before Elliot got there? Plus, the FBI told Elliot to stay outside as they raided Ray’s house, so he may have went down for his affiliation with Ray’s organization.

The other option for Elliot’s incarceration is for Tyrell’s murder. Mr. Robot confessed to Elliot that they did kill Tyrell with the gun that Darlene hid in the popcorn maker. So did he go down for that? I’m still suspicious about whether Tyrell is really dead or not, anyway. We need answers!

Let’s talk about Angela. She just can’t catch a break! She did what Darlene asked with hacking the FBI, but a snag in the Wi-Fi connection could’ve taken her down so easily. Agent DiPierro is onto Angela and caught her in the middle of fixing the hacking error. Thank the Lord that DiPierro didn’t actually look at Angela’s screen and that Angela had an excuse as to why she was on the FBI’s restricted floor. Apparently being pestered for a date can actually work in your favor – they provide alibis, people!

Other than her hacking issues, Angela is still doing quite well at E Corp. She’s being smart about her relationship with Phillip Price by giving him what he wants, but only on her terms. She’ll get the business side of things done quickly and adequately; however, that doesn’t mean that she’s obligated to join him for his birthday celebration. What the hell is up with creepy old men trying to get beautiful young women to accompany them to social outings (which we all know isn’t platonic)? Ew – you’re old enough to be her dad, bro.

Poor Joanna Wellick is having a hard time since Tyrell went missing. She’s running out of money and trying to stay afloat, all while trying to build a relationship with her new boyfriend, Derek. On top of that, she was attacked with red paint and labeled a "Capitalist Pig" as she took a walk with her baby. Man, New Yorkers don’t play!

Joanna got divorce papers drawn up to show Derek, but something tells me that there are a lot of strings attached to those papers. If she has any idea that Tyrell is alive, I don’t know if it would make sense for her to divorce him; with a divorce, she gets no money.

At the end of the day, I don’t trust anything I see anymore on "Mr. Robot." It’s basically all an illusion! Elliot asked us to trust him, "Let’s shake on it," he said. With all due respect Elliot, your handshake doesn’t mean much to me. I mean, you asked for us to try to trust him, and he’d try to trust us, yet, he’s waited most of the season to drop this bomb on us. What is going on?!

Let’s hope there won’t be anymore surprises like this, because I don’t like feeling like, in so many words, a confused idiot.

Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter

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