By Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter Published Sep 08, 2016 at 6:56 PM

This week on USA Network's "Mr. Robot," everyone’s skeletons are finally being revealed – and they're all catching up to them a lot faster than expected.

First off, Trenton and Mobley are still MIA, with no one having a clue what happened to them. There’s a huge possibility that the Dark Army got rid of them, and they’re way deep in the Atlantic somewhere; on the other hand, maybe they’re being held hostage for whatever information they know. Trenton and Mobley were sort of like pawns in the overall fsociety scheme, so I don’t think that they would be that valuable to be kept alive by their captors. There’s also a possibility that they disappeared together — I doubt it.

Phillip Price had an intense meeting with Terry Colby. Colby is running for political office and has written a book; while he’s excited for what’s to come, Price has other plans for him. Price wants Colby to talk to Winston Campbell at the United Nations to arrange a vote to annex the Congo. Price wants China to have national sovereignty over the Congo, but Colby thinks that it would be a terrible idea. An act like that could trigger a string of events, all of which would mean war of some sort; nevertheless, what Phillip Price wants, he gets. He reminded Colby of this with a little speech about his narcissistic thirst for power in every room he enters. There has to be a point when Price’s power won’t get him anywhere — it’ll certainly be on the day that Whiterose takes action and gets rid of him.

Joanna Wellick is obviously squirming on the inside, despite her perfectly put together outer appearance. She thinks that Elliot knows of Tyrell’s whereabouts and that they’re working together, but that can’t be true because Tyrell is dead … right? Elliot was surprised by the phone calls Joanna receives from who she believed to be Tyrell, and the only thing he can do to get her off his back is to figure out who’s making those calls.

With Joanna’s bodyguard Mr. Sutherland in tow, Elliot sets out to solve the mystery of the mysterious cell phone. The drive to the tech store seemed to fill Elliot with a bit of guilt as he watched the people of New York scavenge for a remnant of a real life as they sit in squalor. The Five/Nine attack seemed to have only made things worse, and it’s all because of Elliot.

Maybe everyone was happy being under the control of The Hand, even if they weren’t truly free. Society is one seriously complex system that can’t be controlled by one entity; however, not everyone wants to take responsibility for what happens to our society. Think about it: How many people do you encounter in a week who have no clue what’s going on in the world, and only care about the happenings in their own little bubble? Elliot made the decision to free We, The People from The Hand without truly knowing if we wanted to be free in the first place. The fight for freedom ensues only when the majority feel as if said freedom has been threatened.

The mysterious phone rang as Elliot was getting supplies to track the origin of the calls, and all we heard was the usual heavy breathing. Oddly enough, Mr. Robot disappeared just as the phone rang. This event was pretty important, in my opinion. Mr. Robot has always been sketchy about what happened to Tyrell Wellick, to the point where I still question if Tyrell is really dead. Mr. Robot’s acting as if he hiding some big secret, and I think it involves Tyrell being alive and up to something big. Like Elliot pointed out, Mr. Robot has been dying to get back home for something … but for what? Elliot needs our help in figuring that out, and so do I. As we get a bird’s eye view of Elliot’s apartment, my eyes searched endlessly to see what we might be looking for. I couldn’t identify what it was; could you?

Elliot and his wits tracked down the location of the mystery phone, and Mr. Sutherland looked bothered by what was found. He can only say that Tyrell certainly didn’t make any calls from that location, but what the hell does that mean? Was it just me, or did Elliot seem like he had a slight clue of whose address that was? This is all getting really complicated, and I’m just dying to know what’s up!

Remember when Cisco seem startled by something he found at the smart house? Well, that startling thing was none other than a badly beaten fsociety member, and we have no clue who put him in that state. Darlene actually had the idea to let the guy die just because he’s seen her face — what kind of monster has she become!? It took Cisco giving her the real and pointing out that she’s not a leader for her to finally agree to getting the guy to a hospital.

It seems that being forced to wait in an emergency room as someone else’s life hangs by a thread is what made Darlene come to her senses. Her story revealing her abduction by a woman with smeared lipstick at Coney Island when she was five was quite telling; the woman provided Darlene with comfort and security in her care, making Darlene feel special for the first time. Being the head of fsociety made her feel special again, but having Elliot in her life means more to her than being the center of attention. Elliot has always been the one that everyone needed, and she always knew that.

While Cisco and Darlene head to a diner for some food, the FBI was closing in on them fast. Cisco’s visit to the smart house earlier triggered his composite sketch being aired on the news all over. DiPierro was determined to catch them, and she did. Sad thing is, the FBI weren’t the only ones looking for Darlene and Cisco. Once again, DiPierro found herself in a bloody shootout as masked men came to take care of the situation. We saw that they shot the diner up and DiPierro survived, but we have no clue if Darlene or Cisco is alive. DiPierro did have a lot of blood all over herself though, so that tells me that one of them is either dead or seriously injured.

Meanwhile, Angela reached her breaking point and finally decided to confess to her role in the Five/Nine attack. She met with Elliot to give him a heads up, and it led to Elliot truly feeling sorry for what he began. Like he said, everyone took all the risk of his plan while he hid in the shadows — what a sucky thing to do, Elliot. With a kiss goodbye, Angela was left crying on the subway. Things are never that easy, of course, because two people were there to abduct her. Could they be the same people who took Trenton and Mobley, and does that mean that they’re alive? Sadly, it could also mean that Angela’s about to meet her maker. Personally, I would be a bit sad to see Angela go; she’s proven to be a loyal and tough-as-nails ally to fsociety.

Next week’s episode is sure to be an intense one, seeing that lives are at stake and all. I certainly would like to see where Mr. Robot disappeared to and why he’s been so iffy lately. Whatever’s done in the dark, will always come to light.

Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter

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