By Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter Published Sep 15, 2016 at 3:06 PM

Boy, this season of "Mr. Robot" has been a confusing, satisfying and exciting one. This week’s preamble to the season finale gave a few answers, yet still left us in the dark. After all, we still don’t know if Darlene and Cisco are alive. But it wouldn’t be "Mr. Robot" without that type of suspense.

Poor Dominique DiPierro is left to sit idly after her second shootout with The Dark Army. Her boss isn’t willing to go forward with the investigation because his hands are tied; retaliating on The Dark Army would make the country lose out on lots of money. And, as we all know, capital is much more important than actual justice.

Can you sense my sarcasm?

What truly irritates me about this situation is that I’m sure it serves as a model of truth for a lot of cases that us mere citizens don’t know about. There are serious crimes committed every day in our system, and they’re overlooked or covered up because it would get in the way of somebody’s money. Is this really what we stand for? Money and power over what’s right: That’s a seriously hard pill to swallow, in my opinion.

DiPierro feels my frustration as well, I’m sure. She dedicates her life to finding justice, and her efforts are countered with being told to stand down and take a day to herself. Now all she’s left with is loneliness, with exception to her good Amazon friend, Alectra. Alectra isn’t capable of love; she doesn’t even have a favorite color! All of Dom’s hard work is rewarded with a low salary, no social life and trouble sleeping – the joys of adulthood.

Meanwhile, Phillip Price is still being a capitalist sleazeball, but what else is new. He’s now trying to talk a government official into going against the constitution and allowing E Coin to be equal to the U.S. Dollar. Price thinks that he’s above the government and can do whatever he wants (sounds familiar?). Instead of taking the L and walking away with dignity, he pouts like a child and talks his way into getting what he wants. He pitches his E Coin proposal as the right thing to do for the country, as what’s right for the future. "Defeat can still be profitable," he said. What a way to look at things, don’t you think?

One thing to be excited about is that my girl Angela is still trucking on! The Dark Army didn’t kill her, but instead flooded her with seemingly meaningless questions asked by a young girl that has an uncanny resemblance to her. It was all a test to figure out if Whiterose would be wasting his time in getting her on board.

My guess is that he brought Mobley and Trenton in for the same thing, they didn’t pass and it ended in their demise. Mobley and Trenton had too much of a conscience for what Whiterose has planned, but Angela is a new and improved Ice Queen. She can definitely handle what The Rock is cookin’.

Whiterose allotted 28 minutes to his conversation with Angela, a generosity that he doesn’t allow very often. Their conversation was an important one; he pointed out how her reluctance to open the door which kept her from escaping held her back from her freedom. Doors are gateways to possibility, and no one should allow a mere lock to hold them back from that possibility. It’s only one setback — suck it up and break the door down! There’s no other way for us to truly flourish and succeed.

Does this mean that Angela is incapable of reaching her full potential all because of a minor hurdle? Not at all; Whiterose pointed out that Angela’s stuck around past her expiration date. She has sensitive information, yet she never exposed the secrets. She’s valuable to Phillip Price, which, in turn, makes her valuable to Whiterose. Angela volunteers to hand over her jump drive of secrets out of fear; however, Whiterose only wants her belief in his cause. What is "real," and is Whiterose’s idea of realism the right one?

Elliot has finally figured out why Mr. Robot has been so sketchy lately. He wanted to go home to find an encrypted message on a barbecue restaurant’s menu, which led him to the ultimate prize: Tyrell Wellick is alive, of course. I knew it!

Question is: What have Tyrell and Mr. Robot been planning all along? Why did their plan call for Tyrell to completely disappear? The only thing that makes sense to me is that they plan to take down E Corp and Phillip Price’s power for good, but for what cause? Tyrell loves power, so this tells me that they’re trying to gain some power of their own.

Everything that Elliot has done — fsociety, the Five/Nine attack, the creation of Mr. Robot (and hiding Tyrell’s whereabouts) — is all to gain power. At the end of the day, the rest of us are always going to be under someone’s thumb.

Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter

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