By Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter Published Sep 22, 2016 at 3:01 PM

The second season of Mr. Robot was a bit of genius, filled with twists and turns that we all never saw coming. This season was a little bit more edgy than the first, bringing new levels of darkness and distrust to the table that weren't exactly there before.

Questions were answered, yet now we’re left with even more to deal with. And the biggest question of all: What’s next?

The most minor question – or maybe one of the most important – of Trenton and Mobley’s whereabouts was answered: They’re both now regular employees at Electronic Fry’s. One of Mobley’s friends helped them to disappear and lay low. Trenton is seriously disturbed by information that she found because it can reverse the effects of the Five/Nine attack; Mobley isn’t so enthusiastic. For someone who took part in one of the biggest events in history, one that made matters arguably worse, he sure is trying to brush it off as if it never happened. Sorry to break it to you Mobley, but you can’t erase the past that easily.

The most interesting part about learning that Mobley and Trenton are alive was their encounter with good ol’ Leon. It seems like Leon is out of jail and wants to know if they have the time. The time for what? I guess we’ll have to see next season.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Darlene survived the restaurant shootout, but Cisco wasn’t so lucky. Now, we have DiPierro doing her absolute best to pry and get Darlene to spill the beans. However, Darlene, like the cold-blooded individual she is, told Dom to "suck it." Of course, Dom had to pull her last card and show Darlene the room containing information on the Five/Nine attack. All connections on the wall pointed straight to Elliot and Tyrell, and Darlene’s surprised reaction was very interesting to me. I don’t know if she was surprised or worried that all signs point to Elliot, or because they lead to Tyrell as well.

Now that she’s seen that the FBI is taking on their Python method very seriously, will she choose to help them out to reduce her sentence? I don’t take Darlene for the snitching type, but anything is possible. She definitely has some deep-rooted resentment towards Elliot because he’s always been the leader and the golden child; however, she wouldn’t be who she is without Elliot. This is a very important part of the story that I’m excited to see how it plays out.

Joanna Wellick is still conniving as hell. It turns out that the mysterious phone calls and gifts came from the mourning Scott Knowles; he just wanted her to feel the pain that he felt. Joanna used Scott’s low moment to her advantage and pushed him to the edge, resulting in him beating the living hell out her. Now, she has the chance to change her circumstances. She’s going to manipulate her new boyfriend into telling the police that he saw Scott Knowles coming from the roof on the night of his wife’s murder. This will now be believable after he assaulted her in his home. If Scott is implicated as his wife’s murderer, Joanna will be able to get access to the money and power she was denied after Tyrell was thought to be a murderer. Joanna is one cruel, evil lady, and she always has been that way.

Meanwhile, it’s confirmed that Tyrell Wellick is alive – and he’s very invested in his plans with Elliot. Everything that he’s done has been for the sake of his partnership with Mr. Robot. He’s on edge and quite worried because Elliot is all over the place; I guess he’s finally realizing why you shouldn’t do business with people who have identity issues.

The scene where Tyrell speaks with Mr. Robot at the beginning of the episode was especially satisfying to me. We were finally able to see Elliot as Mr. Robot; his whole demeanor embodied that of Mr. Robot, a personality completely different than Elliot’s melancholy one. The scene demonstrated just how talented of an actor Rami Malek really is (no wonder he won that Emmy Sunday night).

Also, I think that Tyrell’s talk of there being a reason why him and Elliot met was much more than just their big plan. They’re more than just friends now, and that becomes even more evident as the episode progressed.

As it turns out, E Corp is surviving the Five/Nine hack by transporting all of their paper blueprints to one location. This way, they’re going to be able to rebuild their database. Luckily, Mr. Robot designed a malware that will ultimately destroy E Corp’s offline building and take them out for good. All of this really is about power, and they’re going to make sure that E Corp loses all of theirs. Once E Corp is gone, they can create their own company with their own rules. This is about taking power back. One thing I do know, though, is that the power won’t be for the people, that’s for sure.

Elliot can’t take the burden of leveling a whole building and causing deaths, so he attempts to destroy the malware. Elliot thought that Tyrell was just another figment of his imagination, so he figured he was in the clear of facing the consequences of killing all of their progress. Poor Tyrell, live and in the flesh, did the unthinkable and shot our beloved Elliot in the gut. Mr. Robot instructed Tyrell to do whatever necessary to keep their plan on track, even if that meant taking Elliot out of the equation.

Interestingly enough, Tyrell called Angela crying about what he did to Elliot. She assured him that she’d be there soon because her face was the one he needed to see as soon as he woke up. Does this mean that Tyrell somehow saved Elliot’s life? Come to think of it, it was daytime when he shot Elliot, and he called Angela at nighttime.

The real shocker of the moment was Tyrell’s statement, "I love him." Angela said that she loved him too, which confirms my thought that Tyrell was talking about Elliot. I have a feeling that Tyrell’s love for Elliot is more than just that between friends. Are Tyrell and Elliot an item? Next summer can’t come quickly enough.

This season was satisfying beyond belief, providing us with major feelings of confusion, relief, anger, contentment ... you name it. "Mr. Robot" seriously has to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. But what did you make of season two?

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