By Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter Published Aug 04, 2016 at 3:06 PM

USA Network's "Mr. Robot" has been delivering its fans a bit of a mind f*ck. There’s so many unanswered questions that we’re all left to ponder on our own, and our BFF Elliot isn’t letting us in on all the secrets. But let’s not be too hard on him — he doesn’t know all the secrets himself!

Elliot has begun working for Ray, which is arguably one of the worst decisions he’s made. It’s been obvious that Ray is a dangerous guy, yet Elliot can’t walk away due to his curiousity. Wait, let me change that statement; Elliot can’t walk away because of his obsession. Like he said, he lives for this sh*t. It seems as if Elliot giving into the hacking isn’t exactly making Mr. Robot happy — he’s worried. It’s interesting because he’s only happy when he’s the one driving things. Now that Elliot is taking matters into his own hands, Mr. Robot’s all paranoid.

Meanwhile, Angela found Darlene in her lavish apartment in the city with a proposition. Darlene wants Angela to help hack the FBI, but Angela is obviously hesitant. Let’s not forget; it was Angela who planted the infected disk that started Five/Nine when she worked at AllSafe. She’s as much a part of this as everyone else, so it’s time for her to own up to it. Darlene pointed out something, though: Angela and Elliot weren’t the only ones who knew about the disk. Angela used her ex-boyfriend’s computer to start the Five/Nine attack after he put her at risk, and she did what she did after being blackmailed. There’s so many cogs in the Five/Nine machine that it’s kind of hard to keep track.

Angela went to meet with her ex-boyfriend to ensure his silence, but she was too little too late. He’d already talked to the FBI and even tried to incriminate her by recording their conversation. Angela is now in a lot deeper than she thought, so it’s only fair that she gets in on the FBI hack action. Her only chance of freedom lies in fsociety; nevertheless, Elliot isn’t for it at all. Elliot has always been protective of Angela, and he sees her as an innocent. In reality, Angela is a silent and deadly force to be reckoned with. This woman is weaseling her way into E Corp, shooting her to the top. I find it hard to believe that she gave up her morals and sold her soul to Phillip Price for nothing. Against Elliot’s wishes, Angela is going to try to achieve the impossible and hack the FBI.

Our favorite FBI agent Dominique is seriously closing in on fsociety and the Five/Nine hack. She and the FBI need help from China in their efforts, so they head there for a parlay. Surprisingly, Whiterose is China’s Minister of State Security — talk about wearing a mask. He’s the one person that’s supposed to protect China’s interest, yet he’s controlling it on his own terms through the Dark Army. The FBI wants to get all information on the Dark Army, which is a complete nuisance, no doubt. Whiterose is an extremely smart individual, so he took the opportunity to understand his opponent. He brought drunk Dominique into aspects of his personal world, including his closet full of exquisite woman’s clothing. Both Whiterose and Dominique are playing each other, for they both know that the other is playing coy about their lives.

Just like clockwork, men from the Dark Army come into the building where the FBI was staying in China and opened fire. This says to me that Whiterose is a little threatened by Dominique and her uncanny FBI skills. As far as we know, Dom survived, but who knows what’s going to transpire next.

Joanna Wellick is still being a sneaky little snake. The man who’s lying to the police for her is getting too paranoid; he believes that the FBI knows that he lied to them. Naturally, Joanna has him killed to cut all ties. She had her bodyguard inject him with a paralyzing agent before killing him so that he could be aware of why his life was ending before it did. Joanna thinks that letting him die with answers saves them from being ruthless murderers. No Joanna — you’re still a heartless, ruthless murderer. She would murder her own husband if it benefited her, making her just as evil as they come.

The thing that intrigues me about Joanna, though, is that I can’t exactly tell what her intentions are. Her mystery phone from Tyrell rang, and all she heard were the sirens outside her house; this let’s us know that Tyrell is right there in New York City. Something tells me that he’s testing her before revealing himself. I wonder if he knows that she went to confess everything to Scott Knowles? Time will tell.

Back in Ray’s office, Elliot is still trying to get to the bottom of things. He had Ray’s former hacker come in to help him, but we all know he just wanted to pry into private matters. Elliot knows that Ray’s old hacker knows his stuff, so he’s confused as to why Ray needed him. The hacker revealed that Ray runs a black market site, filled with guns, drugs, human trafficking and everything else wrong with this world. How can such a calm, nice guy be involved with something so sinister? Well, blame it on the masks we all choose to wear for survival.

Naturally, Ray found out that Elliot was digging into his black market site, so Elliot had to pay for disobeying. Ray’s henchmen dragged Elliot out of bed in the middle of the night, presented him with the other hacker’s rattail (with the skin attached) and proceeded to beat Elliot’s ass. You can’t say Elliot didn’t have it coming. Now that Elliot crossed that line, it’s probably going to be near impossible for him to go back. Poor Elliot … he just can’t seem to catch a break.

Now that he’s under Ray’s control, who knows what Ray is going to have him do. It’s all a huge series of unfortunate events, sparked by Elliot’s genuine desire to save the world. Maybe we can’t be saved; maybe we can only attempt to survive.

Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter

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