By Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter Published Aug 25, 2016 at 1:06 PM

Things have officially gone haywire on USA Network's "Mr. Robot," and now that we know that Elliot is in jail, I’m sure most fans share the wariness of what we see. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wonder if what we saw was true because Elliot was nowhere to be found in this episode; as a matter of fact, it was Darlene taking center stage in last night’s shenanigans.

With the episode starting off in the past, we saw how Mobley and Trenton came to meet and be a part of fsociety. They thought they were going to meet Elliot, but were met by Darlene instead. This meeting is important because I think it shows just how involved Darlene has been with running fsociety; when Elliot goes MIA, Darlene is there to make sure things run smoothly. I’ve had my doubts about Darlene being able to handle things, but I have more confidence in her after last night.

The FBI is closing in on everyone involved in the Five/Nine hack, and it’s naturally raising paranoia. Fsociety’s recent hack of the FBI allowed them to hear the conversation on the Five/Nine investigation, and they’re being monitored — just as we suspected. Darlene did a smart thing in posting the video of the conversation and letting the FBI know that they’re onto them; it revealed that the FBI is vulnerable and is dropping the ball.

Angela is having a really rough time with all this FBI pressure. She’s still seeing the guy she slept with at the bar, and to our surprise, he’s working with the FBI! Who would’ve thought that Dom DiPierro would stoop so low to get dirt on Angela (just kidding, we totally knew she was capable of this).

I have to say, though, I’m impressed by Angela’s stone cold ability to keep things to herself and be a grade-A badass. She’s a secure vault of information, and nothing the FBI does is going to get her to crack. Even as she gets provoked by a family friend who calls her a traitor and insinuates that she slept her way to the top, Angela kept it classy and reminded the plumber of his insignificance in life compared to what she does. No need for a scene; she just set the man straight and kept it moving to the bar. You have to love a lady who can hold her own like that!

Of course, fsociety couldn’t sit all cozy and comfortable at Susan Jacobs’ smart house too long, as she walked in just as they were making plans. I have a sneaky feeling that Darlene had an idea that Susan was going to come home soon; she let Susan’s GPS location slip through the cracks. With the level of sh*t that they’re in, there’s no way that a rookie mistake like forgetting to keep track of Susan happened so willy nilly.

The moment she walked in, Darlene and her crew were screwed. There was no other option than to tie Madame Executioner up and hold her hostage. It isn’t a question that Susan would snitch on them at the moment she was free, so Darlene did what needed to be done, but shouldn’t have been done. The freaky thing about it how easily Darlene killed Susan Jacobs: one smug look from Susan years ago after E Corp’s scandal trial put her on Darlene’s radar from back then. Frankly, Madame Executioner had no chance from that day on — Darlene was going to find a way to kill her one way or another.

Darlene took Susan’s body, with Cisco in tow, and burned it at the dog shelter. I don’t think it was the smartest thing to pay the dog keeper with E-coin, since it will surely leave some type of trail. The question is: Will the trail lead back to her and fsociety, or simply to the dog keeper? Either way, I don’t see that guy keeping his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, Mobley’s paranoia was justified, seeing that the Agent DiPierro is onto him. The one thing that brought her to him: the DJ Mobley flyer she found in Romero’s home a while back. Although she has a way to connect Mobley to Romero, she can’t prove that they were involved with the Five/Nine hack as yet. Furthermore in fsociety’s favor, their video revealing the FBI’s investigation has made DiPierro’s bosses more cautious about their actions.

Mobley was released, but what happened to him? He was supposed to meet Trenton at the coffee shop where they first met, but he didn’t show. Let’s not forget that the Dark Army is trying to get rid of loose ends. I think the Dark Army might’ve gotten a hold of Mobley, because I don’t think he would tell Trenton to meet him if he wasn’t going to show at all. I’m not sure, but I think Trenton is definitely next on their list.

To make matters worse, Darlene finally found out that Cisco is working with the Dark Army. Her instinct kicked in, and she busted Cisco’s head open with a bat. Man, Elliot and Darlene are both stone cold murderers — who would’ve thought? Killing Cisco was a rash decision, to say the least. I think it would’ve been smarter to keep him close, especially since the Dark Army is going to be wondering where Cisco is now. What a way to put a target directly on your back, Darlene. I don’t know how she’s going to get out this now, but I’m keeping my confidence in that she’ll figure it out.

Zoe Benjamin OnMilwaukee Reporter

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