By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 07, 2017 at 12:56 PM

Get ready for some Netflix and spine-chilling, thanks to Shaker's Cigar Bar.

The legendary Walker's Point mainstay, famously the home of several haunted tours and supposedly a few supernatural guests, has been selected by Netflix for an upcoming travel series.

Shaker's confirmed the streaming service's visit with a Facebook post late last week. 

According to owner Bob Weiss, the show will highlight eight unique locales across the globe – with Shaker's serving as one of only two locations found in the U.S. Weiss noted that the film crew mainly will focus on the bar's Cream City Cannibal Tour – the Groupon-banned tour that tracks the steps of Milwaukee's notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer – but will also take the Shaker's Ghost Tour, the more salacious 2.0 version, its Whoring '20s Tour and, of course, attempt a night in the haunted penthouse. Hopefully, for the sake of entertainment, Molly Brennan the dead ghost hooker isn't camera shy.

Weiss says the New Zealand-based film crews will be at Shaker's during the third week of this month. If you want to be an extra, the bar's Facebook page says to be there when Netflix is filming (they expect a more precise schedule soon) and that the show would prefer women who've taken the tour in the past.

If you do pop by for filming, you'll probably have to wait a while to see if you made the final cut: The show isn't expected to hit Netflix until early next year. In meantime, if you're starving for some scares from the streaming service, Dreamworks' "Trolls" is now available.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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