By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 05, 2018 at 11:46 AM

Last week, the Milwaukee Bucks' new City jerseys leaked. Replacing last year's cream-colored alternates, these MECCA-inspired kits are, um, unique! 

For those hoping it was all an elaborate hoax, bad news: The Bucks formally unveiled the new City Jerseys this morning, still looking just like the leaked versions. (The official photo has the matching shorts which, I'll admit, kind of improve the look. Was nowhere to go but up, though!) They also released a short hype video starring Khris Middleton so you can see how these things look in action. 

Most important, however, the Bucks revealed the schedule for when you'll be able to see – or shield your eyes from – this rainbow ridiculousness, with a dozen games lined up for these uniforms, six at home. 

  • Monday, Nov. 19 – vs. Denver Nuggets
  • Monday, Dec. 10 – vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Monday, Dec. 17 – at Detroit Pistons
  • Saturday, Dec. 22 – at Miami Heat
  • Monday, Jan. 7 – vs. Utah Jazz
  • Monday, Jan. 21 – vs. Dallas Mavericks
  • Tuesday, Jan. 29 – at Detroit Pistons
  • Saturday, Feb. 2 – at Washington Wizards
  • Sunday, March 24 – vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Monday, April 1 – at Brooklyn Nets
  • Thursday, April 4 – at Philadelphia 76ers
  • Sunday, April 7 – vs. Atlanta Hawks

Yes, one of the games lands on April Fools Day. 

All jokes aside, full disclosure: After seeing the jersey on Middleton in the hype video and seeing the complete look with the shorts, these uniforms are ... kind of growing on me? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I may actually have some affection for these MECCA monstrosities – especially if the Bucks potentially switch the court out to the MECCA floor for these home games, similar to how they go to the darker court for #FearTheDear nights in their black unis. (That's a complete and total "if," though.)

I'm not saying I'll buy one – which you'll be able to at the Bucks Pro Shop at Fiserv Forum and at starting at 11 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 8 – but I am starting to warm up to these weirdo uniforms. 

Anyways, the Bucks are currently 8-1 after pounding the heck out of the improved Sacramento Kings Sunday afternoon and sit in second place in the Eastern Conference. They can wear whatever they damn well please if they keep this up. 

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