By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jan 04, 2017 at 5:26 PM

Remember the Milwaukee lion, from those halcyon days of 2015? When we lost our collective minds about a possibly lost but certainly never found mountain lion supposedly strutting around Brewers Hill? And then some of us enterprisingly turned it into a Halloween costume a few months later? Good times.

Well, according to some residents, he's back – or at least another big cat's taken his place.

WISN 12 caught up with North Side Milwaukee resident Isaiah Hair, whose security camera caught footage of a large ... something casually trotting through his yard on New Year's Day. WISN showed the (very grainy and very desaturated) video to the DNR, who, according to the report, "fully believes" it's a house cat. Hair and others aren't as positive. 

As for us? After taking a look at the video ourselves ...

... I don't know; that kind of looks like a dog to me.

Immediately, it's hard to be certain about the actual size and shape of the animal thanks to the low quality nighttime vision of the video, as well as the angle and lens of the camera (the wide angle distorts the image, making it hard to tell the scale). It certainly looks too big to be a standard issue house cat – but also way smaller than 2015's supposed mountain lion. It walks somewhat like a cat, but its tail – or at least what looks like its tail – is droopy like a dog's rather than stiff. Plus, if you freeze near the beginning of the clip, the animal's face (which is hard to see, thanks to the camera angle and the blending into the snowy background) appears to have a pointed face and snout like a dog.

So I vote canine. At worst, it's a larger than usual – but not more dangerous than usual – cat. No lion. 

But what say you: Dog, cat or REALLY BIG cat? Hey, it may not be a new Milwaukee lion, but it might be our own new animal-themed version of The Dress!

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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