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The very word makes me simultaneously giggle and blush while conjuring images of David Lee Roth in the video of his take on the (surprisingly) standard song, also done by artists before him like Louis Prima and even Bing Crosby. It makes me think that the term and the profession have been around just as long as the female version, but, only more whispered about.

Until now. Showtime has brought male escorts into living rooms every Thursday night with the hit reality show, "Gigolos" – now in its third season – which profiles the "Cowboys4Angels" out of Las Vegas, an agency specializing in primo gents catering to discerning women.

"Gigolos" has caused a television and social climate shift. It's become apparent that no longer are ladies sipping cosmos, discussing whether they are more "Carrie" or "Samantha." Now, they are sipping Patron under the hot Vegas sun deciding whether they'd rather have Brace, Vin, Ash, Steven ... or Wisconsin's own Nick Hawk.

A Madison native, Hawk is making a killing at the gigolo game while multitasking as owner of his own stripper agency, working on a music career and launching his "Sexpert" website and novelty line. That last part means you can own your very own Nick Hawk replica genitalia.

Hawk is one of the most popular and recognized cast members, as evidenced by the gleeful gasps of my girl friends (and some boy friends) when I mentioned I snagged an interview with the handcuff-wearing bad boy of hired help.

So, how did a nice Wisconsin boy, raised working on a farm, who is also an accomplished athlete with a college education and Air Force veteran, end up with the web address, literally "hawking" himself as his product?

There are clues in his online bio. Dreams of Hollywood led him to the Pacific Ocean, to modeling, then stripping and then ... to being recruited by "Cowboys4Angels. But, I wanted to fill in the gaps and find out more about this man who is obviously more than "just a gigolo." So, I went to the gent himself and got some answers about the man behind the product.

Nick generously answered my questions via email, reprinted below for your reading pleasure. Your online bio is really impressive. You are obviously really driven, highly academic, entrepreneurial and artistic. You went from Madison farm boy to the Air Force, to Hollywood. But, what specifically made you make the jump to being a stripper and then a gigolo? Was it just the money or something more?

Nick Hawk: Honestly these things allowed me to work minimal hours, make enough money to live the way I wanted to live and well, live. I was also able to start multiple businesses, read, learn, practice martial arts, create music, art and experience the world and the people in it. It was for the money in the beginning, but it's much more than that now. I'm really helping people – clients – and enjoying my hit website

OMC: Is the big goal a music career? That kind of melds your passions for writing, performing and Hollywood ... and if your music career takes off, will you leave your gig as a gigolo?

NH: I'm a highly creative person. Music is a form of expression – I like to express myself and in a creative manner. I have way too many projects and bookings at the moment to consider a "career" in music. Don't get me wrong, I really hope the right person (large label) hears my music and wants to work with me. I'm ready. I have ideas pouring out of my head for original, fun music and there's nothing I enjoy more then entertaining or competing. What's keeping my present free time tied up is the release of my new "Nick Hawk Novelty Line" and website. We molded my penis and will be selling that, along with other items.

OMC: I feel like you kind of have the ultimate career in a lot of men's eyes, while most women tend to dog ladies who go into the female version of the profession. Is that just the nature of men and women? Does being a gigolo have fewer stigmas than for female escorts? Why is this?

NH: Society has created this. I believe male strength and dominance are factors. Men are in more control in most of these situations from each side. I believe the woman's body is looked upon as more of a temple, should be more preserved, cherished – and I agree. I'm also against female escorting because many that I know who have attempted this have found themselves in horrible situations of empowerment. Can't say that about any guys ...

OMC: My favorite Nick moment so far is from this season, when you go get yourself molded for your new novelty line. There is a brief glimpse where you let down the "Nick Hawk character" and let out this laugh with a very genuine smile while you look down at yourself encased in the mold ... what were you thinking about?

NH: I'm a little confused. Possibly the noise it made? If it was as I was being molded, maybe it was the great feeling of accomplishment. I think anyone would get a kick out of that.

OMC: Why would a woman want to hire you? What is the difference a woman is going to find hiring a gigolo versus just going out to a bar and finding a willing partner for free?

NH: What is the difference between me a "willing partner?" I'd like to think I'd be a little more satisfying then most "willing partners." I work hard on my body and mind. I train hard, I'm educated, continue to learn and try to become a better person every day. It takes a lot of work that I don't see a lot of "willing partners" doing. Being on a TV show doesn't hurt. I'm on an amazing ride and am grateful for every moment. You can hire me any time if you're that curious, Lindsay.

OMC: If you could only offer one piece of sex advice to men – what would it be?

NH: I have a great post on how to please a woman from my site from July 31 here. (Warning: Nick's answer is detailed, graphic and NSFW.)

OMC: And to women?

NH: First of all you need to be with the right man who understands women's needs. Also, relax; get out of your head.

OMC: How has being gigolo affected your personal life? What does your family think? Do you have a companion? Do you see yourself in a long-term relationship?

NH: I believe we're all looking or open to the idea of settling down when meeting a compatible partner. I love to love, enjoy women (and) companionship and hope to find Mrs. Right someday.

OMC: To your knowledge ... are there gigolos working in Milwaukee? Do you think a concept like Cowboys4Angels could work here?

NH: I don't think the demand is quite as high in the Midwest as Vegas.

OMC: I have to ask you about your tattoos ... what is that about? (And I am totally role-reversing here, as I get asked the "Why did you tattoo yourself – you were so pretty" question all the time, but I wasn't on the cover of Men's Fitness like you and you really were so pretty without them.) They are almost more camouflaging than decorative. What's the story behind them? Do they limit you?

NH: The main tattoo on my shoulder and mid-section is a symbiote – an alien that bonds to you, brings out your dark side and makes you not care or worry. I like to think I'm "prettier" now. My left arm is definitely a lot more interesting than my right. Some are for fun and some are reminders. The "11" on my left forearm is my numerology number and reminds me of the person I want to be. I also have "breathe" and "moderation" on my thumbs, a dagger going through my heart and "I come in peace" in Sanskrit on the back of my neck. They're not a bad icebreaker either ...

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