By John Leaf Special to Published Aug 06, 2011 at 11:18 AM

When it comes to the topic of nicknames, political correctness evaporates as quickly as a drop of Miller beer on a hot sidewalk. And there's quite a bit of local and national buzz these days about the current "Brew Crew" and its cast of characters, including The Hebrew Hammer, The Ax Man and a whole host of others. The 2011 Brewer team is quickly becoming well-known for their nicknames. It's beginning to feel a bit like a throwback to the days of Harvey's Wallbangers almost 30 years ago.

Nyjer Morgan occasionally refers to himself as Tony Plush, which he states is his "name on the field" or his "gentleman's name." That is so not legit, for my money. Nicknames, by definition, need to be earned, not given to yourself. Is an alter ego a nickname? Nyjer says it's just an alter ego that started when he was a kid, and was simply a nickname used among his childhood friends.

Recently, Morgan also said he saw the pitch on the way, and just "tickled it into the outfield" using his "Plushdamentals." Huh?

So today, I'm offering one of my own nickname for Nyjer. "NyMo the Dynamo." In the above context, perhaps not too far off. With this guy, is it alter ego, or altered states?

And what about some of the other current Brewers nicknames?

As we all know, Ryan Braun is aptly nicknamed "The Hebrew Hammer." That one is unlikely to escape him anytime soon. And I gotta believe the original "Hammerin Hank" is OK with it, too.

And John Axford? Also known as "The Ax Man." When he retires, I can see him standing in front of an army tent, for a Civil War re-enactment.

So how do some of these current Brewer nicknames stack up against some of the show stoppers from the past? For some of the younger Brewer fans, here's a trip down the foul line, and some Brewer nicknames from a bye-gone era.

The top 10, for my money:

Turnblow – Derrick Turnbow

Hammerin Hank – Hank Aaron

Downtown Ollie Brown

The Kid – Robin Yount

The Ignitor – Paul Molitor

Gumby – Jim Gantner

Boomber – George Scott

Stormin' Gorman – Gorman Thomas

Russell the Muscle – Russell Branyan

Soup – Jeff Suppan

And let's never forget that the old Milwaukee County Stadium gained its reputation for fun, as well as baseball, when back then, a team vice president named Dick Hackett hired Frank Charles to play the Wurlitzer organ during the games, and Hackett introduced team mascots nicknamed Bernie & Bonnie Brewer.

So how about "NyMo the Dynamo" for Nyjer? Does it stick? Got a better one? It's no good if he keeps giving himself a nickname. Would like to hear some other suggestions from you.


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