By Maureen Post Special to Published Aug 07, 2009 at 4:33 PM

Each year, State Fair celebrates all things Wisconsin. From local farms to citywide tradition, cheeses, meats and fried specialties, the State Fair shows off those "Midwestern" stereotypes permeating our Wisconsin culture.

Likewise, we've got drinks, cocktails and beers screaming "Wisconsin" each time a bartender goes to make the pour. You might not find them all at the Fair, but you'll find a decent mixture and if you're really looking for one of these local cocktails, just step just down the street or into a neighbor's house where prideful locals will happily educate you on Wisconsin favorites.

Brandy Old Fashioned
Originating in New York, the Old Fashioned took on local meaning in Wisconsin years ago. By far the largest purchaser of Korbel Brandy in the country, people all across this great state love to sip the muddled mixture that is the Brandy Old Fashioned. It was German settlers who embraced Korbel Brandy during the Chicago's World Fair and ever since, Wisconsinites opt for brandy rather than whiskey in this classic cocktail.

Miller Beer
Frederick Miller started tapping Miller Beer in the Menomonee Valley back in 1855; instilling local pride simply unable to be diminished. You'll find strict Miller drinkers in every bar statewide, often openly condemning any individual venturing to purchase the dreaded Budweiser product. It's on tap in practically every bar, on the menu in every restaurant and shipped across town for every festival.

Local Microbrews
Lakefront Brewery, Capital Brewery and Sprecher Amber are just a few of the mainstream microbrews infiltrating our shopping carts, festivals and bars in the last couple decades. A welcome divergence from the typical Miller products, these are local favorites signifying a new generation of drinkers.

Wisconsin Lunchbox
Typically served as a vitamin C rich shooter, the Wisconsin Lunchbox is two parts beer, one part orange juice and a dash of amaretto. Disturbing in concept, this turns out to be a tasty shot found in rural dive bars all over the state.

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Maybe it's our Irish ancestry, maybe it's the long, dark, harsh winters but either way, Jameson Whiskey has become the standard whiskey in Wisconsin bars. Usually served straight up in shot form, Jameson manages to set the Wisconsin whiskey standard.


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