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St. Louis and Milwaukee meet today for the chance to go to the World Series. Then again, you know that. Milwaukee and St. Louis do not like each other – from the players to the fans. Again, you know that. I can only imagine the excitement that is all ready flowing from the Brewers parking lot! Send in your pictures! I am going to pick out a tailgating or game experience picture of the PLAYOFFS!

How do the Cardinals look at the Brewers?

St. Louis looks at the Milwaukee Brewers as the obnoxious disrespectful kids down the hall. You know the kids you walk past and not make eye contact with but you run and go tell the principal they were causing trouble. They see Milwaukee as a bunch of undeserving kids who have not ever won anything.

How do the Brewers look at the Cardinals?

Milwaukee sees the Cardinals as the country club goodie-two shoes who sticks their nose up at anyone who attempts to have fun. Basically the Reverend Shaw Moore of "Footloose." No dancing allowed! To the Brewers the Cardinals represents everything that destroys the FUN of the game.

Both Milwaukee and St. Louis have taken shots at each other through out the years. For example, Albert Pujols hasn't spoken to me since an incident in 2007. I think the Brewers were the only club with the marbles to retaliate to the Cardinals' way of pitching. This just added to the fact the the Brewers wouldn't back down like the Cardinals are accustomed, too. I know that as upset as the Cardinals get about clubs who "throw inside" they themselves are not innocent. All this leads up to an epic story and one that will unfold with a shot at a championship on the line.

How do they match up?

The Brewers and Cardinals lineups are close, but the edge goes to the Brewers with their better power lower in the line up.

The pitching is close; the Cardinals have better starting pitching but the Brewers have a better bullpen.

The home field advantage factor is the biggest issue here. The Brewers who have yet to lose a game at home will have the opportunity to jump out to a big lead with the first two games at Miller Park. Obviously they want to win the first two but even if they split, I think the winner of game three will have the advantage in the series.

The Brewers must get the BIG INNING going against the Cards. This will get in to the Cards' pen; this will help as the bullpen is not there strongest point. Getting a big lead and sitting on it will allow the Brewers to not let crafty Tony pull a rabbit out of his hat. I think this series will be epic.

I have the Brewers in six. I have Corey Hart playing a big role in this series. He is my pick to click!

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