By Seth McClung Special to Published Oct 09, 2011 at 8:13 PM Photography: Andy Tarnoff

Exciting game, plain and simple. The Brewers got the big inning that I have been talking about and there was no turning back after the big fifth inning. The Brewers win at home, taking a 1-0 lead and are now three games away from going to the first World Series in Milwaukee since 1982.

The Bad:

I was very disappointed in Greinke's outing tonight. His curveball was more of a "get me over" curveball. I would have liked to see him pitch more with his slider than the curve. I think he abused his slow curve giving the Cardinals a lot of looks at it. When you see it a lot you can hit it. He came back out for the sixth and pitched a huge shut-down inning but overall was lackluster.

The Great:

The Brewers did well in getting two runs in the bottom of the first, but I would have liked to see a bigger inning. They could have got to the Cards' bullpen in the first inning, setting up them to be used a lot through out the series.

As good as the first was, the fifth was better. The big inning! At last! Not having these big innings is like a prize fight where you have the guy on the ropes but you do not knock him out. This inning sent Garcia to the showers ... a knock out!!! It didn't stop there they continued to hit and capitalize the error by Dotel.

You can't keep a good Prince down:

Fielder getting hit was a little fishy especially right after Braun hit the home run BOMB ... it went far. Read my blog tomorrow on the rules of purposely hitting someone to see why this was a no no! I am 96 percent sure this is one of those times.

Hey, that's stealing!

I noticed that Cards catcher Molina is giving multiple signs with no one on. This means that the Cards feel that the Brewers are not only stealing signs but are doing so at all times. To be able to steal signs like this the Brewers would have to do one of these two things. They would have to be watching from ether the bullpen with binoculars or they have a TV feed from center field seeing all the signs.

For this to be true, you would see a guy in the bullpen doing something to signal the hitters. Or there would be something on the scoreboard or some sort of light some place. Long story short, the Cards may be a little paranoid about this; however it was rumored for a long time that a certain upper East Coast team had a system in place like this for a long time.

This is the type of game that leaves you wanting more! The Brewers must put St. Louis in a 2-0 hole tomorrow. Get to them before you have to face Carpenter. I look for another big offensive output tomorrow but Edwin Jackson has the skills to shut down Milwaukee. Marcum will need to turn out a much better performance than last time if the Brewers want to leave Milwaukee with a 2-0 lead.

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