By Jeff Sherman and Andy Tarnoff   Published Dec 27, 2001 at 6:18 AM

Like only can, here's our list of 100 things we'd like to see in the New Year. One hundred wishes, desires and developments. One hundred dreams, some funny, some not. Some specific, others general. All of them, right on the money, if we do say so ourselves. Enjoy, and Happy 2002 Milwaukee.

  1. For the Brewers, a winning team
  2. Implementation of an effective rail/transit solution
  3. Rebuilding of the Marquette Interchange
  4. For Wisconsin Avenue, an effective solution to navigation challenges for pedestrians, cars and public transportation
  5. Tolerance, open minds and more mixing of Milwaukee's people.
  6. An acceptance of progress and change among Milwaukee's leadership
  7. Easier and more efficient parking solutions, and less complaining
  8. An FM, commercial radio station with an "alternative" and progressive play list
  9. Continued business development for Wisconsin Avenue
  10. For Bo Black and Mayor Norquist -- a kiss and make up session
  11. For our fashion sense, a ban on Packers zoobas
  12. A better MPS for our kids
  13. For the media, communication from Police Chief Art Jones
  14. More fair and balanced reporting by all media
  15. Continued civic spirit and increasing property values for downtown dwellers
  17. A downtown soccer stadium
  18. For us, more advertisers for
  19. Stability for The Hoan Bridge
  20. A Kopp's in downtown or at the Bradford Beach Pavilion
  21. A movie theater downtown
  22. For All Star Game weekend, solutions to traffic and logistics problems
  23. For our sanity, keep daylight savings time intact during the cold, dark winter
  24. A retractable roof for the entire city
  25. For the Menomonee River Valley, action (not talk)
  26. For the GMCVB, a genuine new slogan
  27. For the City and the County, cooperation and collaboration
  28. For Herb Kohl, a new suit
  29. For from Steve Czaban, articles in on time
  30. For history's sake, bring back Bernie's Chalet
  31. For Miller Brewing, a dethroning of Bud
  32. A lakefront restaurant at the Bradford Beach Pavilion
  33. For drivers, patience during never-ending highway construction
  34. For Doug Hissom, Michael Horne and Bruce Murphy, a reminder to always check facts and some positivity pills for their columns
  35. For the Bucks and George Karl, NBA Championship rings
  36. For suburbanites, courage to venture downtown after dark
  37. A new tennant at the old Grand Theatre
  38. From Starbucks, a full cup of coffee in our cups
  39. Preservation for select East Side homes
  40. Northridge, save it or raze it
  41. A downtown Target
  42. For the airport, a completion of the new parking expansion
  43. For Pepperoni Cannoli Guy's forehead, wart removal
  44. A tanning booth Bob Uecker can use year-round
  45. Younger members and a residency requirement for the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC)
  46. Another 150 years of prosperity for Usinger's
  47. A big-time Grand Marshall for the downtown St. Patrick's Day Parade
  48. staff raises
  49. For our economy, more creative, hard-working start-up companies
  50. For the citizens of Milwaukee, energy and a positive attitude. Get jazzed!
  51. A 36-inch waist for Bill Michaels
  52. A successful remodeling and better headliners for Summerfest
  53. For the Pabst Brewery, a tenant or buyer
  54. Britney Spears for another show at the Bradley Center
  55. An ability to get over our inferiority complex with Chicago
  56. More public art and an appreciation for it
  57. A removal of signage on Miller Park outfield wall
  58. For I-94 drivers, removal of the giant ad billboard outside Miller Park
  59. Rehab and redevelopment of the old Coast Guard Station
  60. An easy route to Potawatomi
  61. A new skyscraper or two
  62. Peace in the Middle East
  63. Better smells for Bay View
  64. More high-speed Internet access (to better view for your homes
  65. For the Weekend Preview, 10,000 more subscribers
  66. For FOX 6, a return of Stacia Dubin
  67. For barbers everywhere, a retirement of the mullet hairstyle
  68. For downtown grocery goers, a Sendik's, V. Richards, Brennan's or Grasch Foods
  69. For our monthly bills, local phone competition
  70. No more high property taxes
  71. A grand opening of the lakefront Alterra
  72. Gas prices that stay below $1.50 a gallon
  73. For our sanity, creation of a Web site to pay parking tickets online
  74. American Movie 2, why not?
  75. A dimmer switch for the bright red Potawatomi billboard
  76. For the Bears, a journey back to last place, where they belong
  77. For Brewers fans, a Brewers/Cubs game at Miller Park in which the Milwaukee fans outnumber the FIBs
  78. For baseball, a real salary cap
  79. More smiles for us all
  80. A new contract or trade for Sam Cassell
  81. For Lake Michigan, no more smells or dumping
  82. For the Packers, home field in the play-offs
  83. Another MVP for Brett Favre
  84. More than 15 minutes per quarter in downtown meters
  85. For the 2002 elections, a hope for no mudslinging.
  86. Something, anything, for The Sydney HiH building
  87. For The Park East Freeway, demolition already
  88. A groundbreaking for the Harley Museum
  89. For the Art Museum, continued international accolades for its expansion
  90. Completion of the 6th Street Viaduct
  91. NCAA Tournament bids for UWM and Marquette
  92. For Archbishop Weakland, a happy retirement and hope for continued collaboration between all faiths
  93. More clients for Erica and Al at groom
  94. A new tenant or a better landlord for the old Coffee Trader
  95. A truck-free zone for North Cambridge Avenue
  96. A return to TV of SportsNight
  97. Continued success for
  98. An increase of the peace between the Bradley Center and the Wisconsin Center District
  99. True love for Carrie Wendt
  100. For weather forecasters, an ability to not freak out at first sign of flurries
  101. Cleanliness for The Milwaukee River

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