By Andy Tarnoff Publisher Published Jun 27, 2013 at 6:21 PM

It’s hot and muggy out there, Milwaukee. And guys, that means you gotta stay clean and fresh, especially when you’re sweating it out at Miller Park or any of the other great summer venues. and Old Spice have partnered to provide a lucky winner with a gift pack of brand new Old Spice soap, as well as Brewers tickets (or anything else you can get on StubHub for $200.

It’s probably the best-smelling contest of the summer.

To see what we’re giving away, Old Spice sent us a whole bunch of soap and told us to give it a try. My take? The three scents are really good, although if you do a good job rinsing off in the shower, you pretty much stop smelling like them by the time you put your clothes on. Fortunately, your bathroom will still smell nice, and if you really like these scents, you can apply their antiperspirant, too.

Fiji: This is a great summer scent. It hits you with sweetness and freshness at the same time, which gives it a piercing cleanliness. I don’t know what the island of Fiji smells like, but if it’s anything like the soap, I get coconut, aqua accords and floral notes in this linear yet manly scent.

Swagger: Sweet and perfume-y, Swagger immediately turns to mint then soapy goodness. At first whiff, it feels a touch feminine, but it’s not. It’s the smell of sexy self-assuredness. Thick-lathering and stink-erasing, this soap smells more expensive than its puny price tag.

Pure Sport: I already had this antiperspirant, so you know I like it. Sport is actually a adjective to describe cologne, and this "high endurance" scent does live up to its name. This a great post-exercise soap, perfect for steamy, hot days. A little less fancy smellin’ than the other two, it’s also a no-nonsense goto cleanser in the style of the original Old Spice.

So, wanna try to win the loot?

All you need to do is post a comment to this post to be in the running. Want to increase your odds? Tweet this post with a hashtag of #smellitforward! Want an additional chance? Mention this post on your Facebook page with a hashtag of #smellitforward! Be sure to comment/tweet/mention before midnight Central Time on July 10, 2013. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on July 15, 2013!

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