By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 26, 2010 at 11:37 AM

The competition at last night’s "Bartender Olympics" was steep, but after a three hour hard fought battle, the judges declared a winner. Congratulations to 2010 "Bartender Olympics" Champion Matty Gonzales of the Highbury, Sabbatic and Up and Under Pub!

The competition stoked over five rounds of bar inspired skills including a mug slide, olive toss, cocktail competition, Pabst can stack and karaoke.

Gonzales’ performances earned high marks across the board but in the end it was his knack for the olive toss and his authentic karaoke that sealed the deal.  Jim Carney of the BBC flared with style by spitting the olives into martinis but Gonzales earned eight points during that round; the runner up earning only four. Then, singing Johnny Cash and playing the guitar, Gonzales took a perfect 10 in the karaoke round.

Other crowd karaoke favorites included great vocals from Anna Bradbury of Newaukee, a crowd pleasing dancing from Paulie’s Kristen Vick and a Prince impersonation set to the tune of "Purple Rain" by Tyler Sjostrom of Whiskey Bar.

In the end, Gonzales killed the competition, earning a total 27 points—nearly 10 points over any other bartender in the event.

To celebrate the win, Gonzales and fellow competitors took to the stage as Gonzales played The Cocksmiths "Psycho Bitch."

Congrats Matty!