By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 04, 2010 at 5:28 AM

The boys of chime in this week with their picks and suggestions and, once again, they're all over the place.

Be it tech toys, software, cleaning products, a good movie or just an old-fashioned cup of Joe ... we've got you covered. 

Bar Keepers Friend -- Whether or not you have a bar at home is irrelevant. This line of multi-purpose household cleaning products -- available in powder or liquid form -- will help keep your house clean and remove tought stains like rust, lime and even red wine. Buy a can next time you're at the grocer and you'll see why no self-respecting tavern will go without it. -- Drew Olson

A large half Campesino blend (organic) and half Dream Harder decaf from Alterra -- I realize it's hard to know exactly when your local Alterra Coffee will be brewing both of these blends, but together they are perfect. So, you need to try it. I've been doing the "half-caf" thing in the morning for a few years now and while blending coffees can backfire, every now and then I find a pair that just works. Add a little cream to this mix and it's very, very tasty. -- Jeff Sherman

"Uncross the Stars" (Echo Bridge Home Entertainment) -- Now on DVD, this film is ostensibly about Troy Harper (played by Daniel Gillies of "Spiderman 2") building a portch for his aunt, Hilda (Barbara Hershey) as a way of honoring the last request of his recently deceased wife. While at Hilda's retirement community he gets to know Bobby (Ron Perlma) and the sassy women who live there. Through these relationships he starts to understand the real reasons behind his wife's obtuse and confusing wish that Troy "uncross the stars." Directed by Kenny Golde, this is a heartwarming film that will bring laughter and tears. It also features Pat Crawford Brown of "Desperate Housewives" and Irina P. Hall of "Soul Food" fame. -- Bobby Tanzilo

Ear Vibe headphones -- It's not that most ear buds headphones don't get loud enough, but most won't pump enough bass to rattle your bones, either. The new Ear Vibe headphones don't specifically crank more bass, but they do vibrate when hit with low frequencies, giving that sensation. They also include a microphone for hands-free calls on your iPhone or other mobile phone / music device. The effect probably isn't a desired one when listening to classical music, but when turning dance music up to "11," it's a very interesting sensation, indeed. Ear Vibe headphone sell for about $30 at -- Andy Tarnoff 

Inward Eye -- I first heard this Winnepeg, Manitoba-based rock band during the Winter Olympic Closing Ceremonies (though, NBC only showed one portion of their performance). Having drifted from rock over the years, I found this trio of brothers to have just enough energy to keep me interested without being overpowering. The band has a free EP for download at its Web site. Give it a whirl next time you're looking for something to listen to while working out. --Andrew Wagner

Luv That Tray multi-purpose trays -- They look a lot like cafeteria trays and, heck, they could be cafeteria trays with their 1/2-inch raised edges. But these colorful plastic 12x18-inch trays are purposed here as a way for parents to contain the messes that kids can make, not only while eating, but while playing and doing art projects, too. Better than cafeteria trays, though, is the fact that these trays are made of a flexible FDA-approved plastic that allows you to bend them to funnel the leftovers into containers or the trash. The dishwasher safe trays come in packs of four -- one each red, green, yellow and blue -- for $12.99. They're made by the Argee Corp. -- B.T. 

VLC Media Player -- When trying to streamline my netbook, I searched around for (free) software that would consume precious little processor power. VLC Media Player did the trick perfectly. It plays everything. It loads quickly. It doesn't slow down your computer. And best of all ... it's free. Available for Windows, Mac and even Linux. Give it a try, you'll like it much, much better than QuickTime or Windows Media Player. -- A.W.