By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jun 25, 2011 at 1:17 PM

Are you in need of a night out, a good read, guilty pleasure TV or a chic new post-gym look? Read on to find out more about what cool stuff we like in this week's Recommends.

MeSheeky apparel – "Damn ... those booties look good wearing MeSheeky!" That is the precise thought that has rolled through my nut-tastic head every time I've glanced at the adorable MeSheeky ads in yoga and fitness magazines. MeSheeky makes very clever studio-to-street wear in the form of hip-hugging skirts you throw on over your yoga/workout pants. This darling and useful product is the brilliant brain child of acclaimed yoga teacher Sarah Tomson Beyer (billed as Chief Executive Sheekynista on the website). I feel a trend coming, folks. Browse their selection of chic, hip, sexy layering pieces here. – Lindsay Garric

Staying out until bar time – Sure, this is an odd recommendation or an easy one.  Guess it depends on your view.  Yet, I truly recommend that if you haven't stayed out until bar time in a while that you do so.  Our city's night time economy (Downtown especially) continues to grow quickly and it's creating unique opportunities (dining, transit) and challenges (driving, policing).  You may think you know Milwaukee, but it's your responsibility to know it at day and night.  So, get out and be out until bar time this (or any) weekend. Experience all that Milwaukee has to offer, and if you see things that you think need changing, updating or that you just love use this site to report out.  Enjoy Milwaukee's nightlife, and enjoy it responsibly. – Jeff Sherman

True Blood Season 4 premiere – At long last, my guilty pleasure television withdrawal has ended. The crafty people behind HBO's wildly popular vampire series always know how to reel in viewers, and this season's been hyped even more so with all kinds of viral sneak peeks in the aptly branded "Waiting Sucks" campaign. Waiting has sucked, but the wait is finally over - the new season starts Sunday night at 8 p.m. and promises all the action, suspense and Southern noir of previous seasons, plus an even more supernatural plot just to kick it up a notch. – Renee Lorenz

365 Saints: Your Daily Guide to the Wisdom and Wonder of Their Lives –  This book, by Woodeene Koenig-Bricker, has been a daily read for nearly 20 years. It’s simple, easy and full of inspiring stories to start or end your day.  No matter your faith, the stories and lessons of the saints provide solid messages for us all.  – Jeff Sherman

My Drunk Kitchen – The latest YouTube videos du jour features New Yorker Hannah Hart hanging out in various kitchens, getting drunk on whatever is in the house and attempting to make pancakes or tacos or anything else that sounds good to her booze-induced appetite. It might take a video or two to get hooked on her, but you can bet your breakfast that it will happen. Hart -- who records herself and says she really gets blitzed during the making of these videos -- is sassy and human and funny. After botching an ice cream recipe she brings out a store-bought carton and says, "I made this from the freezer." She also believes people who bake or cook from scratch think they're better than you. Aha, I suspected this for years! Check out her website, All eight episodes are there. – Molly Snyder

The Belmont Tavern – A recent assignment brought me to Mike Vitucci's latest establishment at 784 N. Jefferson and on first spec, it's a pretty nice place. The somewhat open-air concept works nicely; you can order a drink, grab a table and still enjoy the great outdoors. The decor is simple and stylish, but not over-the-top. Looking to grab a drink after work or something a little out of the ordinary on your next trip Downtown? Try the Belmont Tavern. – Andrew Wagner